Battle for Sector 219 Giveaway!

28 May 2016 20

One the better (and most unsung) tabletop ports for mobile devices was Battle For Hill 218 from Large Visible Machine and Your Move Games. The game places two players on sides of the titular hill, with players placing units, controlling supply lines, and coordinating unit support. It's a simple card game, and yet manages to feel like a much bigger wargame. Unfortunately, it's no longer available on the App Store but it's sequel is set to take its place this week.

Battle for Sector 219 is the sequel and it uses the same ruleset as its forebear, albeit with different units and such. The World War II setting has been replaced with a futuristic/sci-fi setting, but the gameplay will be instantly recognizable to anyone who's played 218. 

It's coming to PC/Mac next week via Steam and we have ten Steam keys to giveaway right now! I've spoken with Large Visible Machine and they're fairly certain that the codes won't work until the game actually releases on Thursday, but you can take them now and put them in your pocket until then.

If you want a code just be one of the first ten commenters below, and I'll send you your codes at some point over this long holiday weekend.

Good luck!




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