Battle of the Bulge PC goes beta

By Wargamer Staff 30 Mar 2015 0

Last year when the Slitherine Group acquired Shenandoah Studio we wondered whether there would be PC versions of their successful trio of games – Battle of the Bulge, Drive on Moscow and Desert Fox. It now looks like we have the answer.

Initially after the take over there was very little news out of Shenandoah. However, recently there has been a bit more information coming out such as the news that Gettysburg: The Tide Turns – the game that Kickstarter backers of Shenandoah had been promised – was now entering the beta stage. The Shenandoah games even featured in the weekly discount run by Matrix Games.

Those who have not seen Battle of the Bulge may like to check out the review we carried when it was released – although it is worth noting that this was the original version of the game and that there were updates and a v2 released subsequently.

Those interested in joining the beta programme should go here.



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