Battletech Releases today at 5PM BST – Read our Review!

By Joe Robinson 24 Apr 2018 0

The iconic table-top franchise BattleTech hot-drops into the modern day with a new turn-based tactics title from Harebrained Schemes. Original creator Jordan Weissman and grand-strategy giants Paradox Interactive will be releasing the fruits of their labour to the public at 5pm BST / 9am Pacific.

BattleTech puts you in charge of a mercenary company, where you must fight and survive through a campaign steeped in BattleTech lore. With each mission, you must outfit and deploy a lance of four Mechs to get the job done. Beware – the books always need balancing.


Our very own Ian Boudreau has been playing the game for review for our sister website, Strategy Gamer. With a final score of 4 Stars (out of 5), Ian felt this was a very faithful recreation of the table-top experience, but hang-ups include being a bit sterile in the turn-based combat, and there’s also a risk that players unfamiliar with the BattleTech universe may find it difficult to engage in the universe.

From his review:

BattleTech doesn’t do anything to engender that love. It’s a game that invests heavily in a well-established universe and fails to be an entry point in that universe.

That’s a shame because, between every mission, you can see how much thought has gone into shaping a narrative and world that’s so consistently and richly BattleTech. But the takeaway is ultimately what you bring to the story rather than anything original. This is a fairly by-the-numbers tactics game that becomes ethereal if you have the right set of memories. Being that I do, this is a game that I’ll cherish, for all its stompy clumsiness.

Read the full article to find out more. If you were a Kickstarter Backer or pre-purchased the game, pre-loading has already begun on Steam. The game will unlock in approximately 5 hours form the time of publication.

BattleTech costs £34.99 / $39.99 and can be purchased via Steam, or you can purchase a steam-free version direct from Paradox’s own store.



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