Get Arma 3 & Apex expansion cheap in this Bohemia Interactive Humble Bundle

By Joe Robinson 05 Aug 2020 0

We don’t talk about Humble much here on Wargamer - it’s rare there’s a sale or special bundle that features games relevant to our readers here. You’re more likely to find that kind of coverage over on Strategy Gamer. One bundle being talked about over there involves a bunch of great Paradox strategy games for under $15.

We like Humble because not only is it a pretty decent platform for getting cheap games, but it also lets you decide how much of the money goes to charity, and how much goes to Humble and their affiliate partners like us. You can also nominate the charity you want the money to go to - while it’d be nice if you let us have something, seeing the amount of money we can raise for good causes is also pretty cool.

Today’s bundle is brought to you by Bohemia Interactive. They’re offering a bunch of their back-catalogue in a special bundle that's running for the next couple of weeks.

Normally we’d break down the tiers in more detail so you can see where the value is, but this bundle is a little weird.

arma 3 humble bundle deal

Essentially, it’s only really worth going in at Tier 3. For this you have to pay at least £15.50, but for that you can get ArmA 3’s base game, the Apex expansion as well as the Jets, Tac-Ops Mission Pack & Marksman DLC.

You’re essentially paying £3.10 an item if the Arma 3 content is all you care about, which isn’t a bad price when evened out (although some of the DLCs have been a bit cheaper at their lowest ever price). Apex has only ever been sold for as low as £5.

On top of that, buying straight in at this tier can net you games like ArmA X: Anniversary addition, and a couple of Bohemia’s sim titles like Take On Mars. The rest aren't really worth shouting about and represent some of Bohemia's less popular published titles. But if you include them in the calculation it drives down the per-unit price even more.

There is a fourth tier, which you need to pay at least £23.50 for and nets you DayZ and ArmA 3: Contact in addition to the above. I wouldn’t say it’s really worth it to spend an extra £8.50 for either, just because DayZ has kind of passed the point of being relevant and Contact isn’t the best expansion for ArmA 3.

Let us know if you end up buying into the Bohemia bundle!



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