Carriers at War

By Scott Parrino 22 Oct 2006 0

Enter the Briefing room

An agent from The Wargamer has managed to infiltrate the Matrix Games bunker and snuck out with nothing less than a hefty bundle of screenshots SSG used to highlight Carriers at War?s features to the Admirals at Matrix Games. Our agent, codenamed Cousin, was unable to secure an audio clip of the meeting, so we do not know precisely what was discussed between the developer and publisher, but it is clear from this presentation that an updated version of Carriers at War, a classic wargame from over two decades ago, is in the works. Please review the following material. We will discuss your analysis in our regular staff meeting in the morning. Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

Lexingtons TG17.5 Selected

Sighting TG17.2 in range

Sighting Report

OnMap Strike Organisation

Organise Strike Screen

Squads On Their Way

A Hit On The Yorktown

Inspecting the damage

Surface Combat

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