CDV Press Event 2006

By Scott Parrino 31 Aug 2006 0


The Orchard Hotel in San Francisco.

CDV?s latest games.

CDV is a German based game publisher and distributor known for PC series such as Blitzkrieg, Codename Panzers and Cossacks II. On August 3rd, 2006 they held a West Coast Event in San Francisco at the Orchard Hotel. The main purpose was to showcase two games being prepared for release in the United States in the next several months. 

The main event was a LAN party for War Front: Turning Point, designed by Digital Reality. War Front: Turning Point is an alternate history Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game that postulates the assassination of Adolf Hitler early in World War II, resulting in the war taking a different course, from both a strategic and technical standpoint. In addition to the LAN party, GSC Game World?s Oleg Yavorsky flew in from Ukraine to demonstrate Heroes of Annihilated Empires, the first part of a trilogy that will feature a blend of RTS, RPG, cards, fantasy and modern warfare. Both games are currently slated for a September/October release. I will be giving my impressions on both games. Antec, producer of Computer cases, power supplies and cooling products, was also present at the event. Though I am not a hardware techie, I?ll give a mention to their new products.

Oleg Yavorsky.

Heroes of Annihilated Empires.

Heroes of Annihilated Empires

GSC Game World is a Ukrainian game design company best known to war gamers for Alexander, the Cossacks series, and the American Conquest series. I was able to sit down with Oleg Yavorsky of GSC Game World for a demonstration of Heroes of Annihilated Empires

As may be discerned by the some what tongue-in-cheek title, the game draws from and is an intriguing mix of Real Time Strategy (RTS) and a Role Playing Game (RPG), with a deck of ?magic? cards thrown into the mix. Ostensibly starting in a fantasy environment that features a major conflict between elves and the undead, Heroes of Annihilated Empires is the first in a projected trilogy with an overarching story line involving an eternal struggle between magic and technology. Hints of this are strewn throughout the game and the trailer for part two depicts an air assault by modern jets against a floating magical island.

There are four major races; Elves, Undead, Ice Folk, and the Mechanics (think Steampunk). The Elves and the Undead are the only two playable sides in the single player campaign of Heroes of Annihilated Empires. There are about twelve other ?tribes? that the player can hire or fight, such as Egyptians, Gnolls, and Orcs. As the title implies, the characters in the game pay homage to other books and games, and I certainly saw an uncanny resemblance to some well known subjects. Indeed, the game allows the player to switch control from a hero to other friendly major characters, including dragons and a walking tree creature that looked oddly familiar.

Elf hero is frozen in RTS mode.

Undead hero on the attack.



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