Charlie don’t like Mondays …

By Nik Gaukroger 01 Jun 2015 0

Not because of the Boomtown Rats, but because on this particular Monday Slitherine are releasing an update to their successful counter insurgency game, Vietnam ’65.

Released back in March – see our review – the first major update includes a number of features that should make the game event better; many of these have come in response to player feedback which is always a good sign that the developer is keen to make the game the best they can. What we know about the changes is they include: a custom game mode with 10 variables to tweak, combat modifiers, fog of war, zones of control mechanics, village and unit names, weather, hex overlays on maps, and more.

Readers interested in the reasons for the changes may like to read the interview we carried out with developer Johan Nagel last month – read it here.

You can get the game from Slitherine -

Steam -

Or for iPad -


Finally, here are some screens illustrating some of the new features …


Hex Grid & Zones of Control


Custom Game Mode


Weather Effects


Custom Unit and Base Names



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