Check out these ORBATs from three Desert War 1940 – 1942 scenarios

By Joe Robinson 27 Feb 2018 0

Desert War 1940 – 1942’s release date is approaching fast (even though we don’t know what it is yet), and the developers are eager to share with us grogs what’s in store for them.


The campaign for North Africa between the Allies and Rommel’s Afrika Corps was a bit nuts, but three engagements keep drawing our attentions – Operation Crusader, The Battle of Gazala and El-Alamein. All three are represented in Desert War as scenarios, and developer BK Wargames has put together some Order of Battle sheets for players to look at prior to release.

Here is the ORBATS for the Allies & Axis for El Alamein:

DW El Alamein allies

DW El Alamein axis

You can see the sheets for the other two battles here.

Desert War 1940 – 42 is a classic-style hex & counter wargame that uses a WEGO system (as opposed to the typical turn-based nature of other ‘old-school’ wargames). It is comprised of twelve historical and ‘what-if’ scenarios, and features Air, Naval and Ground Assets as off-map deployables to compliment your main force.

Matrix and Slitherine are really trying to push themselves this year in terms in of what a wargame can be, but it doesn’t hurt to release bread & butter titles like this as well. The WEGO nature especially will make the flow of the game interesting - more wargames should adopt this system.



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