Civil War 2 Live Action Review Part 6

By Jean Marciniak 27 Jan 2014 0

Jean Marciniak continues his struggle as the South. 


After Action Report

Eastern Front

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The eastern front is not going well ? at all.

What I feared most has come to pass. The Union has pumped out THOUSANDS of troops out of their camps. I no longer have the advantaged I possessed in 1861.

Starting with Beauregard?s Army in the north. Were still stuck in Reading, PA sieging the city. Little progress has been made in this campaign and whats worse The Union sent a division to siege my troops at Harrisburg. So in response I had to send Longstreet to alleviate the problem, but halfway to Harrisburg the Union pulled out. This would be fine but these games that the Unions playing is wasting my time, and supply. That 2-3 weeks Longstreet wasn't available lengthened the siege of Reading.

In Virginia, the situation is dire. In the beginning things were fine. Lee took command of Johnson?s 30,000 troops and quickly turned out a victory over 10,000 Union troops. We were on our way to Norfolk to wipe out all Union forces, when a Union army appeared on the outskirts of Richmond and changed everything. This shocked me as I had little to no warning. I got intelligence of some troops moving South, but this looked to be only a few thousands troops, nothing serious. But when 30,000 appeared under General Banks? I was shocked. I quickly sent Lee north with the bulk of the army to attack Banks. I knew The Lee had little chance of defeating Bank?s force, but there was no other choice. The result ended up with a defeat, with thousands of Confederate dead. Lee will continue his attack on Banks until Richmond is free, because if Richmond goes? so goes Virginia. I would have to pull all my forces South if Richmond is lost.

When Lee headed north to deal with Bank?s I left Stuart in command of 2 divisions. His job was to take Suffolk and Norfolk, VA and surprisingly he?s off to a great start. He took Suffolk, VA and now is on his way to Norfolk to deal with Union forces there. Now unfortunately hes outnumbered. Estimates put Union forces at 10-20,000 troops. Stuart has less than 9,000. Im hoping for a miracle.

Now on to Johnston. Johnston has been hammering away at McDowell?s troops for months now. Some victories, some stalemates, and some defeats. He has about 10,000 men left, but for all the losses we suffered we inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. McDowell has only 5,000 men left out of his once large force. He pushed him out of Lynchburg, and are about to smash into his again. Hopefully once we destroy his force we can combine with Lee and take on Banks.

Not much has been happening in West Virginia and Kentucky. We lost Lexington, KY, but took Clarksburg, WV. Just some back and forth minor engagements.


Western Front

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Now in The West we have some good news. Van Dorn?s Army took St. Louis! and A.S. Johnston?s troops took Salem, Ill. We not only eliminated Union resistance in these states but whatever union forces are left ? are disorganized and scattered. There is no major union force left that can challenge our armies.

My goals in the west now are simple. Destroy whatever Union forces that remain in existence in Missouri. And capture Springfield, Ill and all major Illinois rail centers.

I want to ensure that we cause so much trouble in the west that the Union sends a few division west to deal with us. This way we can alleviate the war in Virginia. Perhaps The Union will withdraw Banks from Richmond and send his force west to deal with A.S. Johnston.

Let?s hope Part 7 goes better.



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