Intel Report: We’ve got the complete (WiP) scenario list for Close Combat: The Bloody First

By Joe Robinson 09 Apr 2018 3

Fresh from our recent hands-on time with Close Combat’s upcoming 3D successor The Bloody First, we managed to sneak some commandos in behind enemy lines to bring you back a special treat: the game’s complete (work in progress) scenario list!

The Bloody First’s solo-mode is a ‘grand’ campaign split into three parts – Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy - reflecting key historical deployments for the 1st US Infantry Division during World War 2.

Each individual campaign is split into ‘Operations’, representing key engagements and battlegrounds during the campaign. Tunisia has five operations, Sicily and Normandy 3 each. Each operation contains several ‘Battles’ – these are the actual scenarios you’ll be fighting in with your troops with the maps.


At the moment, it’s still unclear how winning/losing individual battles feeds into the progress of the operation, especially within the campaign structure. Each Battle can be fought in Skirmish mode as well but stripped of any campaign-specific content (and obviously there won’t be any of the persistence elements).

ATTENTION:  Close Combat: The Bloody First is still in pre-alpha and we’re not even remotely close to release. This list may (and probably will) change and be updated as the game’s development progresses. Expect everything below to be subject to change.

Up-to-Date as of:  April 9th, 2018

Campaign: Tunisia

Operation: First Blood

  • First Blood

Operation: Sbiba

  • Sbiba Town
  • Sbiba Ridge
  • Sibiba Counter-Attack

Operation: Kasserine Pass

  • Kasserine Pass
  • Bou Chebka

Operation: El Guettar

  • El Guettar
  • Djebel Keddab
  • Djebel Berda
  • Gum Tree Road

Operation: Mateur

  • Hill 350
  • The Mousetrap
  • Hill 278
  • Tine Valley


Campaign: Sicily

Operation: Gela

  • Gelafarello
  • Piano Lupo
  • North Road
  • Niscemi

Operation: Niscosia

  • Enna
  • Petralia
  • Gangi
  • Nicosia

Operation: Troina

  • Hill 1034
  • Hill 1006
  • Troina


Campaign: Normandy

Operation: Omaha Beach

  • Omaha Beach
  • Colleville

Operation: The Bocage

  • Trevieres
  • Le Molay
  • Cerisy
  • Balleroy
  • Caumont

Operation: Cobra

  • Marigny
  • Percy
  • Brecey
  • Mortain

This is the first time we’ve published something like this (at least in recent memory. Let us know what you think – we can try and source more scenario lists for upcoming games if it’s of interest!



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