Here's three new Close Combat The Bloody First Screenshots to keep you company

By Joe Robinson 12 Jul 2019 1

I feel bad skipping out on two Wargamer Weekly updates in a row but I haven’t come empty handed, promise! I just realised the other day that it’s been well over a year since I went hands-on with Close Combat – The Bloody First.

I honestly would have thought we’d have seen this by now, but it seems Matrix are keen to take their time with it. Like, really take their time. We should be seeing it this year though, which is something.

While you wait, enjoy some new screenshots that Matrix put out earlier this week. It shows off some of the improvements to the UI and general visual effects they’ve put into the game. You’ll noticed all units are highlighted now with a form of cell-shaded border.

That’s new since I played it, and I actually think it’s a really good addition as I found it quite hard to see where my units were when I was playing. See you all next week and I promise, next Friday will be business as usual – I’m not going anywhere.

close combat screens 3

sclose combat screens 2



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