Combat Mission: Afrika Korps

By Scott Parrino 29 Aug 2003 0

Introduction is returning yet again to the successful Combat Mission franchise, following the route laid out by many other World War II sequels: change theaters.'s next installment in the Combat Mission series is entitled Combat Mission: Afrika Korps and brings Combat Mission into the deserts of North Africa, onto the hills of Italy, and onto the island of Crete.

The standalone sequel to Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin and Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord will make a number of important changes to the game engine, but the basic game engine will remain the same. Afrika Korps will keep the heritage of Combat Mission intact: it is still the "we go" World War II tactical 3D simulation, but it does offer some new graphical improvements: multi-turreted tanks, dust and smoke kicked up by moving vehicles and much more. The game will focus on the following time periods and locations (totaling between 50 and 100 scenarios):

  • North Africa from 1940-43
  • Italy (including Sicily) from 1943-45
  • Crete in 1941



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