Combat Mission: Fortress Italy - Attack on Hill 1234

By Matthew Flanigan 05 Dec 2012 0
On July 9th 1943 Allied Forces launched Operation Huskey (The Invasion of Sicily). In just three weeks the Allies had pushed German and Italian forces to the northern corner of Sicily, where the Axis forces had established a defensive position called the Etna Line. On July 31st, American forces began an assault on the center of the Etna Line at Troina. After a week of bloody assaults the Allies broke the Axis line and by August 17th, just over a month after the initial landings, the Allies had secured the Island. Join Matthew Flanigan as he uses Combat Mission: Fortress Italy to recreate the opening stages of the U.S. Army?s assaults on Troina and the Etna Line.

Part 1


Part 2

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Matthew Flanigan is a recent college graduate with a double major in History and International Relations who?s been playing war games for over 15 years. He loves any type of war game, from games like Panzer General, to FPS? such as ARMA II and even epic?s like War in the Pacific: Admirals Edition. In addition to making videos for his Youtube channel, Matthew's even begun the slow task of teaching himself the basics of computer programing.

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