Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is available for pre-order

By Joe Robinson 09 Aug 2018 0's long awaited Combat Mission: Shock Force sequel/re-master is now available for pre-order via their websiteCombat Mission: Shock Force 2 will cost $50 for the base game and then $35 each for the three available add-on modules – Marines, British Forces and NATO.

Various bundle combinations are also available – you can buy the complete package for $120 (saving $45 on buying piece-meal), where-as buying the base game and a single module together costs $75, representing a $20 saving. There's no bundle that involves more than one module currently.

CMSF2 Pre orders

It must be noted that these pre-orders are only for new customers – owners of the first Combat Mission Shock Force will be able to purchase the sequel at a discounted rate, but only after the game has been launched.

The current information we have is that CMSF2 will be releasing towards the end of September, and CMSF 1 owners can upgrade their copy of the base game for $15, and then $10 per module. The complete package upgrade costs $35. It's not clear yet how Battlefront will handle verifying owners of the original game.

The first Combat Mission: Shock Force game was released I 2007, with Paradox Interactive as the publisher, no less.



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