Did Combat Mission: Shockforce 2 just release?

By Joe Robinson 04 Dec 2018 5

We don't want to alarm anyone, but we think Combat Mission: Shockforce 2 may actually be out now. Like, OUT out, not just kinda out.

The only thing we have to go on right now is this chatter from the official Battlefront forums. User ratdeath pointed out that there's no longer a 'pre-order' button on the games' official webpage, and several other forum users on the same thread page have claimed they either are either in the process of, or have already, downloaded the game.

User IanL had this to say about what content is available, of which another user commented that they count 86 scenarios and seven campaigns. "All modules, NATO, British, Marines."

I believe the campaigns from the modules have not been reworked but every thing else is done. If I recall correctly the plan was to ship the old campaigns with the game. So, nothing is totally missing. I didn't look at that in the later builds so that is from memory - I only have access to my phone at the moment.

From what we can tell (and at the time of writing) there doesn't appear to be an option for CMSF1 users to purchase the upgrade, but if you pre-ordered the second game on its own you're now able to download it.

Keep checking back in case we update this story with more info, and if you do manage to download the full game yourself, let us know in the comments!



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