Command Live Announced for CMANO

By Joe Robinson 14 Jul 2016 0

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (Or CMANO if you want to make it sound like an Italian pop band) is a pretty special game. Detailed, complex... it's the wargame for people who value precision, expertise and consequence over the spectacle of re-enactment or the glory playing a general.

It's a game that has a very respectable following on Steam, but that doesn't mean the developers are being complacent. Yesterday they announced a new project called Command LIVE – a series of DLC add-ons that offer short scenarios based on current events.

How current? Well the first scenario is called 'Old Grudges Never Die', and it allows the players to choose to be control of either Russian or Turkish forces in the aftermath of the Russian Su-24 that was shot down by a Turkish F-16 last year. That's pretty current, but why create a scenario over something so recent?

“Players are looking for scenarios and settings that are true-to-life and there is nothing else that fits this purpose more than a real life event,” Marco Minoli, Slitherine's head of Marketing told us. “These incidents can have a dramatic impact in International Relations and trying to imagine, through a simulation, what would happen if military powers took the upper hand is a very interesting and entertaining proposition.”

As interesting as this sounds, the journalist in me can't help but pause and ask if there isn't such as thing as content like this being 'too soon'. Is there an issue of sensitivity to consider here?

“I don't really think so. The game itself is created without taking into account politics, diplomacy, economy, social developments as it focuses entirely on military operations... We also give the opportunity to play these scenarios from both sides, to give a complete understanding of the forces involved.”

Other candidates for scenarios are reported to be – Gulf of Aden, the recent Ukraine crises, South China Sea... Wargamer has even heard rumours of a Brexit scenario. After that, it's all down to what life throws our way. The current thinking is that it would need at least three months between something happening, to it appearing as a scenario in the game.

Old Grudges Never Die will be releasing on July 19th. An update is going live today for CMANO to lay the groundwork.

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