Command: Modern Air/Naval Operation receives massive update

26 Feb 2016 0

Being fairly new to the heavy wargame scene, there was a time when screenshots of games like Gary Grigsby's War in the East or Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa looked complicated. I've been getting used to them as I dabble here and there and slink farther down the rabbit hole that is digital wargaming. That said, when I saw the screenshots for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations today, my heart sank. Here's a game that I don't think I could wrap my head around.

It's my loss, apparently, because CMANO seems to be a pretty fantastic wargame judging by the positive reaction it's received on Steam. Reactions should get even more positive as a massive update has just landed for it, bumping it up to v1.10. This build brings Steam Workshop integration to the game, which will allow players to upload, browse and download content directly via Steam. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though:

  • Waypoints for cruise missile attacks: Plan and execute complex, multi-leg cruise missile strikes just like on real-life ops in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere!
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC / NIFC-CA): “Blind” cooperative missile shots and other abilities that will show you exactly why the US Navy and other armed forces are spending billions on this technology.
  • Electronic warfare modelling improvements: The giant chess game of electronic sensors, countermeasures and counter-countermeasures gets knocked up another notch!
  • Improved ABM modelling: The new theatre ballistic missiles and ABMs are not your father’s Scuds and Patriots – see first-hand how modern ABM systems engage more capable ballistic missile threats more effectively.
  • One-click EMP strikes: Now even aunt May can shut down your country with a well-placed high altitude flash. And you thought GoldenEye was just a James Bond gimmick.
  • Aircraft kinematics improvements: Heavy loadouts now don’t just increase drag, fuel consumption and radar return, they also directly drag down your aircraft’s kinematic performance. So go easy on the heavy bomb racks, ace.
  • New Scenario Editor and Lua features:  Even more power and flexibility to transform your ideas into scenarios and share them with CMANO’s global user community – from armchair hobbyists all the way to defence professionals.

That's not even close to everything, either. To see the full list of changes you'll have to head here. Be warned: it's a doozy.

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is available now from Matrix Games or Steam and runs $80.

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