Grab 30% off Command: Modern Operations until June 25th

By Joe Robinson 16 Jun 2020 0

While we were quite impressed with Command: Modern Operations, our commander on the ground Bruce quite rightly pointed out that it was a difficult proposition for existing CMANO owners, although at the time it launched those same customers could pick up the new game at a 50% discount.

But if you ended up missing out on that promotion, or are a new player waiting for a good deal - you’re in luck.

Wargamer’s own Ian Boudreau has spotted a discount code you can use that’ll net you a 30% discount.

It was found on this IGN Greece article, and the salient points seem to be as follows:

  • The discount code is ‘IGNGR-CMO-30P
  • The code is valid from June 11th till June 25th
  • It only applies to digital versions of the game via the Matrix Store
  • Allegedly, it even applies to the recently released Aegean in Flames LIVE dlc

Let us know if you end up picking it up - we’ve tested the code out ourselves and it works fine:

CMO Discount



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