Slitherine run livestream detailing features of Command Professional Edition

By Sean Martin 21 Apr 2020 0

At 3pm BST (10am EDT /7am PDT) Slitherine will be running a livestream on their Twitch channel examining the features of Command Professional Edition. This game is the professional version of the popular wargame, Command: Modern Operations, and has been used by military organisations in running training and wargames. 

That being the case, this is a unique opportunity for anyone either curious about the professional application of wargames, or just what features exist in that version that aren't in the base game. 

The stream will run for 50 minutes, then at the end there will be a ten minute Q&A, so you can ask any burning questions you have about the game and its features. The stream will also be available to view afterwards if you're not free to watch when it airs.

Command Professional Edition has been used by a range of military organisations, including British Defence, the Pentagon, and the German Air Force. You can see below a tweet from Slitherine's Development Director, Ian McNeil pre-training:

So if you're curious about the professional application of wargames, and have some questions, be sure to check out the stream a little later on today.



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