Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

By Scott Parrino 31 Mar 2003 0


The long-running Commandos franchise will receive a fresh revision this coming summer, as Eidos and Pyro Studios are gearing up for yet another title in this venerable real-time tactical franchise.  In many ways, this World War II-themed franchise is considered one of the leading icons of real-time tactical play: the series has long been recognized for engrossing gameplay and remarkable graphics.  And as our reviews for Commandos and Commandos 2 explain, the series is one of the single best interpretations of a Hollywood movie: "Commandos is an exacting simulation - not of World War Two, but World War Two movies" (from our Commandos review).

Commandos 3 follows closely behind the release of Praetorians (also from Pyro Studios) and is currently scheduled for a summer 2003 release.  Like the previous games in the series, Commandos 3 will once again be set in World War II, with the player controlling a small squad of Allied soldiers as they carry out covert operations against the Axis armies.  According to Eidos, the new Commandos will feature a new, highly-flexible 3D graphics engine allowing players to "rotate the detailed environments and zoom in and out."  The game maps are also "more detailed," and the smaller maps provide "more action orientated missions that form part of an overall campaign."  The game's campaigns will focus on three major theater of operations: Stalingrad, Central Europe and Normandy.  Finally, Pyro Studios is developing something entirely new for the series: a deathmatch-based multiplayer game mode for up to eight different players.

More information will be forthcoming, but for now Eidos kicked off the marketing blitz for Commandos 3 with these four new screenshots. Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is scheduled for release this summer.


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