Wargamer Weekly: Trebuchet

By Joe Robinson 11 Jan 2019 1

It’s been another slow week in wargame land. So slow in fact I had to use a piece of news I was saving for today to fill the gap. We’ve got a spread of interesting content coming across January though, so never fear.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

New Game: Waterloo 3D

So this just popped out of nowhere. A company called ‘Plus Infinity Studios’ has used the Unreal Engine to create a fully 3D replication of the Battle of Waterloo. It’s billed as an RTS Wargame, and you take command of all the forces available to either the French, the Prussians or the Anglo/Allied force.

Waterloo 3D Screenshot 03

Apparently, it has several scenarios, from mini-battles, to the whole engagement played out at once. We suggest you consult this official press kit PDF for more info – there’s a lot left unsaid, so we’ll have to see how it turns out when it launches in July.

New Mod: Operation Trebuchet

Ok, I’m a massive HALO nerd so you’ll just have to put up with my nonsense on this one. We’ll be looking more into ArmA 3 mods now that I’ve revived an old mods guide of ours written by Ian, and I think this new mod is definitely something I want to feature.

Operation Trebuchet is an overhaul mod that essentially translates the Halo Universe into the ArmA 3 engine. So you’ll be seeing Pelicans, Scorpian Tanks, Warthogs and plenty of authentic Halo weaponry. The base OT mod focuses on the human vs. human action that took place prior to the Human-Covenant War. Operation Trebuchet was the name of the plan that the UNSC drew up to fight human insurrectionists. Incidentally, the Spartan super-soldiers were originally created to combat these ‘terrorists’, and not the Covenant.

I’ll stop nerding out now, but I plan to jump in and take this for a spin as soon as I can. You should watch this video if you’re an ArmA 3 player who’s interested in a sci-fi spin to your military shooter.

There may be news we’ve missed – please do let us know in the comments!



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