Wargamer Weekly: Singular Malts

By Joe Robinson 18 Jan 2019 0

We’ve been very much looking onward to the rest of year this week, with the publication of our guide to 2019’s expected slate of releases. It’s looking like a very exciting year, which makes up for the fact that this has been a rather boring week.

Still, we managed to catch up on a release we missed out on last year, as well as update our Armored Brigade guide. We’re not going to talk about what the other Joe got up to at New Years.

There’s not a lot planned for next week – we’re looking at rolling out a Combat Mission Shock Force 2 guide at some point, as well as a new Further Reading list, but otherwise it’ll be smaller updates as needed.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

New Command LIVE Episode

Matrix have had a relatively quiet week again – it’s mainly been about the Tyranid expansion for their sci-fi 4X game, Warhammer 40K: Gladius. They did however announce a new Command LIVE episode titled The King of the Border.

Border King CMANO

This latest flashpoint shifts the focus so South America, where tensions between Columbia and Venezuela have caused Russia to send an expeditionary force to support its allies in the region, while America stands at high-alert to protect its own interests.

There’s a lot of lore for this one so it’s a bit confusing as to the specifics of the scenario, but you can go to the official store page to find out everything you’d want to know about this new micro-scenario. More fodder for our DLC guide!

Single Malt Strategy

We’re trialling out an initial partnership with the guys over at Single Malt Strategy, or as they are also known, Jean ‘thestrategywargamer’ Marciniak, and Matt ‘TheHistoricalGamer’ … er… I don’t think I ever learned his last name. Sorry Matt.

We’re going to be featuring their shows on the website starting today, although for the moment we’re sticking to their interview episodes. There’s also a chance yours truly might appear as a guest spot, but I’ll leave that up to the guys.

First up is their most recent Episode released earlier in the week where they sit down with the guys from Fury Software to talk about Strategic Command WW2: World at War and the series in general.

You can also listen to the episode via iTunes.

Dev Diary Round-Up

We’re highlighting tow dev dairies today. First up:

Steel Division II’s latest entry talks about movement in the Army General mode. It’s not going to blow you away but involves the usual suspects such as Zones of Control, Action Points and so on. As such, risk/reward tactics are prevalent, and you have to be careful about area denial, encirclement and planning your advances.


We haven’t checked in with Hearts of Iron IV in a while – Come May it’ll have been a year since the Man the Guns expansion was announced. Hopefully it’ll turn up before then. Their latest Dev Diary looks at some of the specific changes to the tech tree, especially the Naval branch given how completely they’re overhauling those systems.

That’s all for this week’s update, enjoy your weekends!



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