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By Joe Robinson 22 Mar 2019 3

Compared to the storm of the last few weeks, it’s being rather quietly recently in terms of wargaming news and updates. I’ve been using the relative quiet to dabble in a few gaming projects here and there – I tried to take the AlIVE ArmA 3 mod for a spin, but it didn’t go so well. Ideally, I want to jump in and try out some of the Hearts of Iron 4 mods we’ve been promoting recently, although many of the better ones have yet to update to Man the Guns. Finally, I felt myself oddly drawn to Every Single Soldier’s more recent releases – Afghanistan ’11 and Carrier Deck.

The former still holds a very interesting COIN war game, where the use of force must be surgical, not careless, and insurgents can pop up from anywhere. Carrier Deck – more of a time management game more than anything else, is oddly immersive and therapeutic. I can see in my mind’s eye troops landing on shores to take out installations, or high-tempo dog fights taking place in the skies above the task-force. Really, I wish Mr. Nagel had stuck with these two products a bit longer, but alas he’s currently busy with his new projects at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Command: Desert Storm

The recently announced new standalone expansion for CMANO now has a release date. Come next Thursday, March 28th, 2019, you’ll be able to recreate the action of the first Gulf War in the 90’s. We’re going to be late with our review on this one, but we’ll get you our thoughts as soon as we can. In the meantime, enjoy this trailer, and a breakdown of some of the scenarios that will be available.

Wolf Pack

Something we forgot to mention last week, upcoming WW2 submarine warfare sim Wolfpack is now in Early Access. This is less of a war game and more a game about war – you and up to five players must man and run a German Uboat, taking on a range of tasks and duties. It’s op-operative at the moment, so several crews can come together to take on procedurally generated convoys and battlefleets.

We actually wrote about an early version of the game way back in 2016, if you’re interested. It’s $30 if you want to buy into the Early Access, with the full version expect to release within 2019.

Steel Division 2

Not all dev diaries are created equal, but Eugen’s most recent update for Steel Division 2 certainly had some meat to it – the new tactical features coming in the game seem quite interesting. Firstly, there’s an ‘Artillerist’ unit that uses radio communications to make long-range artillery more accurate within its’ range.

Steel Division 2 Tactics

There’s also two new unit orders; one that merges ‘Quick Move’ with ‘Hunt’ for an aggressive advance that uses roads, and ‘Efficient Shot’ where you can tell a unit to hold fire until it has a 40% chance to hit and penetrate its target. The latter one especially is going to be good for setting up AT ambushes.

There’s also some visual and UI tweaks, especially to how the Line of Site tool displays itself.

We. The Revolution Interview

As part of our ongoing partnership with Single Malt Strategy – the strategy and war games podcast run by Jean & Matt, we’ve got another episode to promote today. This time the guys have done an interview with the developers of We. The Revolution, an abstract historical strategy game set in Paris.

That’s all we have today in this rather short update – if you’ve spotted anything else you think we should know about, let us know in the comments!



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