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By Joe Robinson 24 May 2019 0

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve enjoyed this week. I’ve been looking forward to putting Timothy’s Imperator: Rome Warfare guide online ever since he submitted the final draft, and we got reviews of Armored Brigade’s DLC pack and El Alamein ’42 Gold out the door as well. The announcement of an Elder Scrolls-themed tabletop skirmish wargame was also a bit of a surprise, but we still like the look of it.

As a quick FYI – I’m on holiday next week so there won't be a Wargamer Weekly update. Ian’s looking after the ship so I imagine they’ll be a news post of some kind, but I’ve not asked him to replicate what I do so just keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

ArmA 3 is having a moment

We’ve been speculating here at Wargamer HQ what Bohemia want to do with their military sim/shooter ArmA 3. A focus on new ‘creator’ DLC and a lack of renewed commitment to the usual fare made us think perhaps they were running out of ideas, or steam. Turns out we don’t know what we’re talking about:

I mean sure, why not? ArmA 3: Contact will feature a single-player campaign with a military science-fiction themed story. The narrative elements of ArmA 3 haven’t always been the strongest amongst the game’s various DLC packs, mainly due to weak AI behaviour. It’ll be interesting to see whether a more focused, and off-the-rails, DLC pack like this can side-step those legacy issues.

There will be a new 163 km squared map called Livonia, 2 new factions, and new weapons, vehicles and gear. There will also be content for multiplayer as well as free bonus content for the main, non-alien infested game. We for one welcome our new alien overlords with open arms - we can't wait to check this out when it drops on July 25th.

Wolves will be at the gate next week

Not much from Matrix/Slitherine this week, but Field of Glory 2’s next DLC pack, Wolves at the Gate, will be released next Thursday. Bill’s already on the case and his weekly article will be going live on Thursday with a review. Keep an eye out for it.

Matrix are also running another FOG2 tournament to celebrate the new release, which will use the new 'Allies' feature but you won't need any other DLCs to participate, just the base game.

Field of Glory 2 Screens & AMA

The other bit of news this week is also Field of Glory related. One of the lea developers, Philippe Malacher, took to Reddit yesterday to host an AMA where he field various questions about himself, the game and anything else people felt liked asking. You can read the full thread here.

Also, some new screenshots dropped today, if you're interested:

Naval BattlesScorched Lands. From time to time the desert will get sandstorms that block movements

Steel Division 2 Army General

Steel Division 2 is still a month away, but we’ve finally been given a glimpse of how the Army General mode works. Up till now, the recent Beta tests focuses purely on multiplayer and skirmish-style gameplay.

It’s not an overly long video, but goes into plenty of details as to the general turn-to-turn running of the game mode. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Hearts of Iron (6)4

Hearts of Iron 4 is officially going 64-bit with the next major patch – 1.7 Hydra. This week’s Dev Diary has gone into a little more detail as to what that means and how it’ll change things going forward. Older versions of the game won’t be upgraded to 64-bit, but will remain available via Steam’s Beta functionality. All future patches will be 64-bit exclusive, and short-term improvements will make things like convoys work better.

Hydra will also be making some tweaks to various aspects of naval combat, such as Submarines and Troop Transports. Carriers are also being changed to that their planes strike earlier in a combat, before the main ships themselves close to range.

If you’ve seen anything else you’ve liked or think wargamers need to know about, let us know in the comments!



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