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By Joe Robinson 09 Nov 2018 0

The war continues, although come Sunday we'll be making the 100th year since the end of The Great War, otherwise known as Word War 1 or, somewhat ironically, The War to End all Wars. Despite rising awareness over the past four years as part of the centennial observances, there hasn't really been anything new coming out in computer wargaming to mark the occasion.

Table-top wargaming seems to have made a bit more of an effort, which is interesting, but if you've been waiting for a modern new WW1-era game to fill your boots, you'll sadly be left disappointed.

We don't normally run content on a weekend, but tune in Sunday as we'll be doing a final pass on some of our WW1 guide, as well as a remembrance message from a former writer.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming...

Hearts of Iron IV

We don’t check in every week with HOI4 – it’s always good seeing how the Man the Guns expansion and associated patch is coming a long, but not everything they talk about is ‘ground-breaking’ in the sense that it’s worth signal boosting.

This week however Podcat and the dev team have been showing off the new Ship designer. A first for the series, you’ll now be able to design your ships much like how you design your land divisions. The basic component of a ship design is the hull, which provides basic stats like speed and HP. Everything else comes from the modules you equip it with, up to a fixed number of slots (also defined by the hull).

britain Carrier

It’s meant to be a flexible system that allows you to respond to needs quickly – the example they give is designing a cheap destroyer analogue using old hulls and nothing but ASW equipment to counter submarine raids, vs. designing a more modern destroyer with more guns and staying power for general fleet actions.

One thing to note is that ship classes has been dropped in favour of hull types – so there is now ‘Light Ship Hull’ and ‘Heavy Ship Hull’ as opposed to Destroyers, or Battleships. Each hull dictates what kind of equipment it can be equipped with. We highly suggest you give the full diary a read – there’s talk of extending this new system to include tanks and planes as well, providing it works as intended.

Graviteam Tactics

You should remember when Graviteam announced their Opreation Moduler DLC for Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front.

Well you’ll be pleased to learn that the expansion was released on November 6th. You can pick it up at a 15% launch discount until November 13th. Operation Moduler transports the players out of WW2 and into the late 80’s, covering the military operation of the same name involving Angolan and South African forces (amongst others).


Matrix Games

A relatively slow week for the computer war games publisher, although you wouldn’t have guessed it from their RSS feed… but it’s all pretty much been about the upcoming ‘Cold War gone hot’ real-time war game Armored Brigade.

We’ve covered this before a couple of times, and John is hard at work playing the review build so that we can have our review ready for the game’s launch on the 15th. The information coming out this week as been around previewing some of the game’s 500 odd units, along with some final faction previews and a movement tutorial.

We’re pretty excited about it, not going to lie, so look our for the official Wargamer.com verdict next Thursday.

Also releasing next week is the new Order of Battle expansion, Order of Battle: Endsieg. It’s the final part in the ‘Krieg’ trilogy, and deals with the later stages of war as Germany tries to deal with the collapsing fronts on all sides. We’ve got Ian pegged to write this one up, although I’m not sure if we’ll hit the release date or not.

That's all for this week's update - enjoy your weekends, and remember to make your observances on Sunday.



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