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By Joe Robinson 05 Oct 2018 0

We’ve been doing another wave of ‘recaps’ this week, looking at the best wargames across a number of conflicts – WW1, WW2 and the Korean War got the spotlight this week, and I daresay our list of top Vietnam Wargames may crop up sometime soon as well. We also published our review of the Rise of Persia DLC for FOG2, and shared some cool World of Warships news, if anyone is playing that.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Armored Brigade

There’s been a few things happening with this game over the past week. First up, a new dev diary goes deeper into how the game handles night-time operations:

Night-time operations present extreme challenges. Intensive and rigorous, constant combat takes its toll on front-line soldiers; they crave sleep, fatigue is increased, concentration levels fall. At the same time soldiers need to be alert, alive to the threat that could be just moments away. One obstacle might stand in the way, the rules of engagement are different; it’s pitch black – anything can happen and will.

AB DD pic

We’ve been giving early access to this real-time tactical WW3 wargame, so hopefully we’ll have some impressions for you next week. In the meantime, there will be a live gameplay demo on Slitherine’s Twitch channel on Monday 8th October, at 6pm BST.

New Graviteam Tactics DLC

We didn’t see the official announcement, but the Graviteam Tactics guys have published a steam page for an upcoming new DLC for Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front.

ww gravi dlc

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Moduler is set in 1987, in the closing years of the decade-spanning South African Border War (otherwise known as the Namibian War of Independence). It covers the real-life operation of the same name that saw the South African Defence Force clashing with the Angolan military to stop their advance south.

The DLC features a 144 square foot map that recreated the confluence of the Cuzizi and Lomba rivers, as well as historically accurate order of battles for the Angolan FAPLA and the SADF/UNITA forces. Each side gets their own operation for players to experience. No word on when the DLC will actually release as of yet.

Armoured Commander II Build

We actually meant to cover this last week, but it slipped our mind – Armoured Commander II has a new playable build! You can download it from here, and the biggest change seems to be added vulnerabilities to your tank’s crew. Here’s the full change-log:

ADD: AI units will now use small-arms attacks against unarmoured vehicles, or armoured vehicles with exposed crew
ADD: Random scenario events
ADD: Rifle fire sound effect
ADD: Command to abandon tank
ADD: Dead crewmen will be replaced after a scenario ends
ADD: Sniper attack resolution
CNG: Crew info display is now more compact, displays surname only
CNG: Elevation levels now represent 5 meters of elevation, more variation in hills generated
CNG: Enemy strength and organization levels in map zones, encounter odds and chances of number of enemy units spawned
CNG: Unit personnel now have three traits, which affect spotting and some crew skills
CNG: Message pop-up now works in any game mode, messages normally added to campaign day log as well
CNG: Units now automatically move to the top of their hex stack when spotted
CNG: Crewmen can only change Buttoned Up / Crew Exposed status if they are able to act
CNG: Crewmen who change status to Stunned, Critical, or Dead are automatically set to Buttoned Up
FIX: Handling of the Turret MG weapon type for the TK-3
FIX: Crash when HD directional arrow was being displayed
FIX: Display of to-hit / penetrate odds now overwrites previous displayed percentage properly
FIX: Campaign day log display was crashing when displaying special characters (eg. in crew names)
FIX: Erasing the saved game was not working, fixed now

General Staff Demo Video

Dr. Sidran’s ambitious General Staff wargame project has released a new demo video, this time looking at the map editor. It allows you to create custom maps or import historical maps to use with the larger game system. Here’s the video:

That’s everything for this week’s update – enjoy your weekends!



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