Crusader Kings II: Conclave expansion coming on February 2nd.

By Dave Neumann 25 Jan 2016 0

Paradox Interactive has set a date for their latest expansion pack for Crusader Kings II, their popular medieval simulation. Conclave is the expansion and it will be available for PC and Mac on February 2nd for $15.

What new goodies does Conclave bring to the table? Here's Paradox with the juicy tidbits:

Conclave adds greater depth to ruling your realm with a host of new laws and council interactions. Will you placate your vassals by giving them a say in matters of war and peace? Will you raise the status of women in your kingdom by recognizing their right to inherit lands and title? Can you find a place on council for that one duke who has too many armies to ignore, but no talent for anything?

This expansion will also increase the importance of marriage alliances, introduce systems to block rapid overexpansion, and allow you to rent out some of your soldiers as mercenaries – just because you’re not at war doesn’t mean you can’t make a ducat or two off someone else’s aggression.

Watch for Conclave to hit on the 2nd, and if you don't already have CK2, you can pick up up via Steam or directly from Paradox.



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