Dawn of War II: Orkipedia Part I

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Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II

Orkipedia, Part I:  Da Warboss

By:  Chris ?sgtshaggy? Massey


What else does one need to know about the Orks?  Waaagh! pretty much covers it all, right?  They are big, mean, numerous and, of course, green.  And a little bit funny.  However, there is a bit more to playing the Orks than just Waaagh!  Not that Waaagh! isn?t important but, if one doesn?t know how to properly utilize the many Ork units available in Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II, then one is doomed to failure, perhaps perishing at the end of a Space Marine?s bolter, or torn apart by any number of Tyranid.

 So what?s a good Commander to do?

Snag the latest copy of The Wargamer?s Orkipedia, of course!  Now I?ll admit it could be that most Ork leaders don?t typically sit down for a cup of coffee and a good read, but they may find the information herein important enough to at least enslave a Humie and make him read it for him.  Then smash him good!

However, before we get into the meat of the Ork horde, it?s important to understand the importance of choosing?

Da Commander

Choosing a Commander is the first choice when hosting or joining a multiplayer match.  There are three different leaders to choose from, each serving a completely different role than the other.  In short, they are:

Da Warboss ? A large and powerful Ork who excels at melee.  He specializes in offense.

Kommando Nob ? A master of infiltration and ambush.  He specializes in stealth.

Mekboy ? Responsible for repair, enhances troops with their technology.  He specializes in support.

Seems like a simple choice, at face value, but when you dig down into the abilities and different uses of each Commander the importance of which to bring to the front is apparent.  A single Commander?in the right situation, with the right force composition and strategy?can win or lose a match. 

But understanding each Commander, and properly utilizing him in combat, takes more than just a quick read of the pithy descriptions above.  Each Commander has his own equipment and abilities which help determine who they are and what they can accomplish on the field.

Before the Orks begin marching on their foes, however, it?s important to understand a few key points:

Waaagh! ? Ork Waaagh! is built up by fighting and killing enemies.  This is represented by the word ?Waaagh!? above the global abilities upon the right side of the screen.  As Orks kill and maim, the letters fill up.  To the right of the letters is the actual numerical quantity of the Waaagh! accumulated, but the letters themselves are a quick indication of how much Waaagh! is available.  Waaagh! is used to power many abilities, from unit actions to global abilities.

Commander Abilities ? Ork Commanders begin the match with four global abilities, largely different from Commander to Commander.  In addition, each Commander also brings certain personal abilities to the table.

Commander Upgrades ? Most regular Ork units have one or two upgrades, maybe more, but Ork Commanders are special in that they have different upgrades available in one of three groups:  weapon, armor and accessory.  Only one upgrade can be active at any one time, but they can also be switched out as tactics change, or the situation dictates.

The Kommando Nob and the Mekboy will be featured in future articles, but this time around the big green star is:

Da Warboss ? Offense

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The largest and most powerful Ork, he excels at melee combat.

Visceral combat is this Commander?s specialty, up close and personal.  The kustom shoota in his right hand is just for show, and he looks great when running and popping a shot off here and there; however, when he gets up close and personal with his choppa, it?s on.  That?s where the Warboss will excel, at the head of a wave of green, Shootas firing from behind, Sluggas at his side, wading through the opposition one limb at a time.  Or two, or three.  Even a head.

Commander Abilities


Call da Boyz! ? 250 Requisition, 375 Waaagh!

Reinforce all your squads near your commander, and temporarily increases their speed and damage.

A mighty ability, in a pinch, Call da Boyz! can throw defeat back into the face of the enemy.  Very expensive in terms of both requisition and Waaagh!, but well worth it in the right situation.

?Ard Boyz ? 150 Waaagh!

Temporarily increases a squad?s resistance to damage.

Notice this is not an ability that affects every unit in range or upon the map.  Each use of ?Ard Boyz must include a click upon the targeted squad, and only that squad will be affected.  Of course, by spending another 150 Waaagh!, the Warboss can easily influence more than a single squad.  ?Ard Boyz will not save a squad in a pinch, like Call da Boyz!, but it will certainly keep the targeted squad alive at least a little while longer.

Use Yer Choppas! ? 150 Waaagh!

Increase the melee damage of a target squad and their chance of triggering a special attack.

If the Warboss has friends fighting alongside of him, like say a squad of Slugga Boyz, then this ability is right up his alley.  Unfortunately, it only affects melee allies, and is wasted upon ranged units.

Roks ? 750 Waaagh!

Order a massive Rok strike on a targeted position.

Yep, this one costs 750 Waaagh!  750!  It also requires a Level 3 Teleporta Platform.  However, it?s the most devastating attack in the Ork arsenal.  Foes caught in the Rok strike will find themselves pounded into the ground before they even know what?s coming.


Stomp ? 50 Energy

Knock back nearby units.

Using 50 of the Commander?s own Energy, this ability knocks back any units within a short distance of the Warboss.  Great for making a hole and disrupting the opposition.

Commander Upgrades

Most regular Ork units have one or two upgrades, maybe more, but Ork Commanders are special in that they have different upgrades available in one of three groups:  weapon, armor, and accessory.  Only one upgrade can be active at any one time, but they can also be switched out as tactics change, or the situation dictates.


Bang Bang Hammer ? 100 Requisition, 20 Power

Gives the Warboss a hammer.  On a successful melee hit nearby allies are thrown into an enraged state, increasing their damage.

Great starter weapon.  Melee hits aren?t hard to come across for the Warboss (or shouldn?t be) and the enraged state helps every ally in the vicinity.

Enhanced Kustom Shoota ? 100 Requisition, 20 Power

Give the Warboss an enhanced kustom shoota.  Effective versus infantry and knocks unit back when hit.

The knockback is great, but really, who wants to upgrade the shoota on a Commander when, ultimately, you want him cleaving through the tiny adversaries before him?

Power Klaw ? 150 Requisition, 50 Power

Effective against Vehicles and Infantry, requires a Level 2 Teleporta Platform.

Question:  what?s better than a choppa, and goes great with a kustom shoota?

Answer:  a Power Klaw.  This massive claw replaces the choppa and works great against?well?anything.  Unfortunately, it?s not available out of the gates.  It must first be unlocked by upgrading your Teleporta Platform to Level 2 at the HQ.


Cybork Implants ? 125 Requisition, 25 Power

Grants Big Stomp that stuns enemies.  This ability can only be used after the Warboss has received enough damage.  Increases health of the Warboss.

A great, and relatively cheap, upgrade.  Not only is the Warboss? health increased, he is also granted the Big Stomp ability.  Although it cannot be used at any time?only when the Warboss is taking damage?the Warboss is typically taking damage.  It?s a better ability than the regular Stomp ability, damaging and stunning the enemies instead of simply knocking them back.

Spiky Armor ? 120 Requisition, 30 Power

Damages enemies that hit the Warboss in melee.  Increases health of the Warboss.

Why rely only on the Warboss? kustom shoota and choppa to deal damage?  This upgrade turns the Warboss? armor into a weapon as well, impaling the poor gits who get in his way.  Good times!

?eavy Armor ? 200 Requisition, 60 Power

?eavy Armor greatly increases the health of the Warboss, requires Level 3 Teleporta Platform.

This upgrade turns the Warboss into a nearly indestructible green engine, bulging charnel house of death.  The longer he survives during combat, the more damage he can deal.  A great upgrade, but only available after the Teleporta Platform has been upgraded to Level 3.


Angry Bits ? 130 Requisition, 20 Power

Grants the Now I?m Angry ability, when triggered causes the Warboss to do more damage.  The ability charges up as the Warboss takes damage.

Nothing says loathing like angry bits; or, Angry Bits, as it were.  The more damage the Warboss takes, the more he can dish out.  A cheap and serviceable upgrade.

Boss Pole ? 140 Requisition, 25 Power

Gives the Warboss a boss pole that keeps the boyz in line.  Provides suppression resistance and minor improved health.

This is a great ability when facing players who favor suppression tactics, like the Space Marine Devastator squad.  Less suppression means more time to bring the pain to the enemy!

Trophy Rack ? 115 Requisition, 30 Power

Gives the Warboss a trophy rack that weakens nearby enemy units, causing them to fire less often, requires Level 2 Teleporta Platform.

This is an outstanding accessory upgrade, available once the player has upgraded to a Level 2 Teleporta Platform.  Charging into a crowd of Tactical Marines just got that much easier!

Warboss Strategies

There?s very little nuance when choosing the Warboss.  Charge into the fray and destroy, with shoota, choppa, whatever is near at hand.  In general, the Warboss should be in the thick of it, with perhaps a melee unit or a Looted Tank or Deff Dread nearby.  Heavy fire support from troops like Shootas or Lootas can also heighten his melee prowess.  Drop some Stormboyz in for added fun. 

Another fun tactic:  suppress the opposition with a squad or two of Lootas and watch the Warboss take many heads from many bodies with relative impunity.

The Warboss is not invincible, though; it?s important to keep your Warboss alive.  Remember to Fall Back (default hotkey ?X?) when he?s low on health.  It beats paying the heavy requisition cost to revive him and it takes very little time for the Warboss to replenish his health at a nearby control point.

And that?s it for this time around.  Next time:  da Kommando Nob!

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