Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa heading to Steam

06 Apr 2016 0

One of--if not the--best wargames of 2015 was Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa from VR Designs and Matrix Games. The game excelled by not just putting you in command of strategic battlefield decisions, but by putting you in the middle of the command hierarchy. You had superiors telling you what to do and underlings waiting for nothing else than to do your bidding (or maybe not). 

Currently, the only place you can pick up DC: Barbarossa is from the Matrix or Slitherine pages. That will change on April 28 when the game heads to Steam.

The big news isn't that it's moving to another distribution channel, but what's coming with it.

...Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa is marching straight to Steam with a full set of improvements and upgrades, included an elegant “War Diary” feature, which follows the diary of a German soldier, based on what is happening in the game, giving you an insight into how your progress and decisions reflect on the “ground level”!

Plus, the map artwork has been significantly improved to make the gameplay more realistic and immersive than ever!

Watch for DC: Barbarossa to land on Steam on April 28th right here. If you can't wait (and we understand), pick it up now from Matrix or Slitherine for $50.



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