Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa receives a major update

19 Apr 2016 0

We've already told you how Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa is one of the best wargames released in 2015. Don't look now, but it's getting even better. Today VR Designs released a major update for the game and the patch notes are extensive. Not only have the map artwork and counters been updated, but there's all new stuff to play with as well. Stuff like a "free deployment start" for the Germans and a War Diary written by a young German soldier recording history as you make it.

Engine Changes 
• War Diary implemented 
• Map Graphics improved 
• Auto relocate Siege Artillery back to Warsaw at game start if moved during Free Set-up 
• Siege Artillery NATO symbol changed. 
• Reorganised preferences tab 
• Multiple different resolution options (for 1280x960 or higher) 
• Added AP+RDN to select attacking units popup 
• After panicking units can never have more morale remaining then basemorale. (E) 
• Mouse over on unit morale now shows base morale as well. (E) 
• P-key in history was performing as intended but now also changes stop/play text on button. (E) 
• The history and AI replay of regular moves (non-combat) speed has been halved to be able to actually see what's going on.
• The 0-6 hotkeys now also work with keypad (if numlock switched on) (E) 
• The 0 key now displays the units again when pressed for the second time. (E) 
• Could not pinpoint the Korean combat detail button issue, but at least prevented the combat window from closing on any key. Now only closes with SPACE or ESC. (E) 
• Free Set Up option for both sides (Pre-Start turn) 
• Update ‘Tougher Soviet’ mouse over text to indicate it’s non-historical 
• Ranks corrected, eg. Kol.Gen -> Gen.Obst., MajGen -> Maj.Gen. 
• Past Relationship no longer affects Soviet Difficulty rating if Germany is an AI 
• Additional (-30%) Soviet AI Defensive penalties on Easy Mode (for duration of game) 
• Siege artillery reverts to travelling on ALL rail for Decisions OFF and Easy mode (all else is German rail only). Also in Easy mode the effect is to reduce entrenchment levels to zero (down to 100 for all else) 
• Finnish units base colour changed to a darker blue 
• Commanders Report - Supply added

That's just a sample. You can read the entire list of patch notes here.

DC: Barbarossa is currently available directly from Matrix or Slitherine, but it's coming to Steam next week as well. 



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