Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue has a price cut and is out on Steam!

By Nik Gaukroger 11 May 2015 0

A bit late with this one as the news really comes from last week, but we’re on a bit of catch up here at this morning.

So no Monday announcement of a Deal of the Week from Matrix Games this week, however, last week they released Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue on Steam with a 50% discount off that runs for a week – so I guess that makes it sort of a Deal of the Week, just not a Monday to Sunday week …

For those who have not come across the game before it was released back in 2012. Our review was positive, and the tl:dr is:

“The game is, overall, quite easy to grasp, yet promises great strategic depth with an abundance of information. Though, it might be quite overwhelming in the beginning or for the casual player. It is well polished, offers a variety of scenarios and the AI makes for decent opposition.”

If you want it on Steam go here, or here for direct from Matrix.



And the official press blurb for those who like to read it:


“War is waged with skill, not with people's lives” (Georgy Zhukov)


Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue is ready to be deployed on the Steam battlefield! This is an important step for a wargame so rich in details and full of remarkable historical scenarios!

Since its first release the game has benefited from regular and in-depth support from the developers, and with this release is now reaching a whole new level by making this classic strategy title available to a whole new audience!

In order to celebrate this important milestone, we are offering a 50% discount during the week of the launch! We are also going to offer a free Steam key to anyone who bought a copy of the game from the Matrix Games or Slitherine store. All they have to do is register their serial here.

Grab the game here or get more information from its official product page



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