Defensive Policies are Over - The first expansion of To End All Wars is out now!

By Nik Gaukroger 25 Feb 2015 0

In August 2014, a century on from the real war, Ageod released To End All Wars, their strategic game of the whole of World War 1. Now a whole war on the scale of WW1 is a rather daunting affair to say the least and it looks like the folks over at Ageod have realised that this may be a barrier to some when considering the game. Their response has been to create a number of smaller scale scenarios of various parts of the war and release these as an expansion pack. 


"Grenoble, France, February 24 , 2015.
Once the mass of the defending infantry become possessed of low morale, the battle is as good as lost.” (Douglas Haig – Commander of British Expeditionary Force)



Early 1915 – After a massive initial push from the Central Powers on the Western Front, the war is bogged down. Commanders from both sides protect their positions with strong defensive structures and fail to find breaches in the enemy lines. Artillery and barbed wire make the assaults deadly and wasteful. But in Breaking the Deadlock, the first expansion of Ageod’s World War 1 wargame To End All Wars, players can develop new tactics to outsmart their opponent and break the stalemate once and for all!


Releasing today, Breaking the Deadlock is an expansion that focuses on key moments of the Great War. It provides a series of short, intense and very detailed scenarios in which every single turn has decisive consequences on the final outcome of the battle!
The game features five historical scenarios:

  • Serbia (1915) covers the decisive Central Powers offensive in Serbia dedicated to secure the area and build a safe and effective supply chain between Germany and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Rumania (1916) narrates the entry of Rumania into the war on the Allied side after having been neutral for 2 years, and the Central Powers rapid counterattack in the Balkan theatre.
  • Caporetto (1917) begins with the Germans sending support to the Austrian army on the Italian Front, resulting with some unconventional warfare tactics based on gas attacks and use of assault troops.
  • Palestine (1917-1918) the British and Ottoman Empires confront each other in the Middle Eastern theatre. Players will have to deal with logistic challenges and unusual terrain types to be victorious on this exotic battlefield.
  • 1916 Campaign (1916-1918) is a fresh new starting point of the Grand Campaign. Victory has not picked her side yet! 


Get more information on this game from its official product page"




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