Desert Armor is a turn-based war sim inspired by the Gulf War

By Joe Robinson 08 Sep 2020 1

It’s always nice to write about a new game, and a new indie project at that. Desert Armor appears to be the debut title from ‘LizardScript’, who are not known to us. It’s a turn-based simulation that seeks to model the armoured warfare of the Gulf War, but doesn’t appear to be strictly speaking about the Gulf War.

In terms of hardware, the vehicles you’ll have access to are definitely straight from that conflict, as you’ll be able to take control of M1 Abrams, M2 Bradley, T-62 and even Asad Babils. Each vehicle will have its own unique stats and playstyle as well.

Gameplay seems to revolve around manoeuvre, positioning and knowing when to go on the offensive, with a detailed ballistics and damage model.

Again, the Gulf War theme is evident, but it's this paragraph on the Desert Armor steam page that makes us pause:

Deploy on many various maps from balance oriented terrain to real-world location inspired battlefields. Each map has its own uniquely designed terrain that blocks line of sight for all vehicles and creates many different strategic opportunities when maneuvering your units across the arid landscape. Sandstorms are a large concern when formulating your strategy, when these storms roll in, they can completely change the battlefield for better or worse.

It seems the author is interested in the combat environment of the Gulf War, rather than recreating the historical events of the conflict specifically. That might be an important distinction for some. The steam page cites play against an AI, or a friend via split-screen multiplayer (or yourself, if you want).

At the time of writing, Desert Armor has no release window.



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