Desert Fox Night Fighting and Campaign Mode

By Wargamer Staff 25 Mar 2014 0

Shenandoah Studio have released some more teaser information about Desert Fox, their soon (?) to be released El Alamein campaign game ? including some new piccies. So without further ado, here is what they have to say ? 

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Night Fight


In Desert Fox, night maneuvers are key to victory, often turning the balance in your favor. Happening at after the day ends, they allow players to move infantry and recon units forward and even conduct battle. These moves allow you to set up advances for the following day. 

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Campaign Mode 


While maintaining many aspects of the Crisis in Command engine, this new mode features entirely new systems allowing players to control the final engagement. Here is a breakdown:


Refit or Offensive? 


Each week in campaign mode you must decide whether to go on the attack or wait for new supplies. Choose Offensive and a week of combat plays out. Choose Refit and no combat takes place, instead, you gain a large number of replacements, place mines onto the battlefield, redeploy your troops, and upgrade your units. 

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In the barren desert, mines are key to directing the tide of battle. During each Refit you can place mines in any space where you have units, giving you defensive bonuses and slowing down the enemy advance. 

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Choosing Refit also gives you the chance to redeploy your troops within friendly territory. Position your forces for a new assault or protect wounded troops by pulling them back.


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Major Upgrades 


This period in World War 2 was highlighted by rapid innovations in combat tech. The Commonwealth player will receive upgrades to their armor and infantry units if they select Refit, giving them more power to defend and counterattack.


Hold for Supplies or Attack Now!

The Axis offensive relies heavily on limited supplies. By selecting Refit, the Axis player will stockpile supplies to use in future battles. Knowing when to wait and when to strike is key to any Axis strategy.

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Also a short video about the map development:


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