Digital Gameworks’ new title covers one of the lesser known bloodbaths of WW2’s Pacific campaign

By Joe Robinson 27 Dec 2019 0

I’ve been wondering what Digital Gameworks’ has been up to this year. This small indie outfit creates some interesting titles, if sometimes a little rough, but the company’s willingness to cover more obscure and niche conflicts means I always like giving them the time of day where we can.

While they released an experimental game back in August, it’s been almost a year since their last war game, which was Murphy's Heroes: The Hurtgen Forest. This past week they’ve released another tactical war game, Peleliu: The Devil’s Island.

Peleliu The Devils Island Gameplay

It combines some very impressive 3D environments with the ‘classic counter’ aesthetic you saw in ZuluDawn!, and covers the Battle of Peleliu in late 1944. It was a battle that was supposed to last a week, but ended up lasting a whole two months resulting in over 20,000 casualties between the two sides, fighting over an island that’s not even as big as LAX Airport.

This is a tactical turn-based game at what looks like Company-level, featuring seven historical scenarios. Enemy defences are randomly generated each time you play a scenario to add to the replayability, as well as AI assisted commands and a variety of usable weapons and gear (even tanks).

You can find out more about the game on the official page (along with a video we can’t seem to embed here), and it costs $14.95 for a digital download. We’ll try and get a review of this one going in the new year.



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