Dispatches: Divided We Fall, Gempai Kassen & More

By Joe Robinson 08 Sep 2016 0

There’s been a lot of ‘happenings’ this week, so I thought I’d take the time to walk you through some of the more note-worthy occurrences. That's not to say these are the only cool things to have happened this week, but the Inbox is large and full of terrors. Apologies if we've missed anything out!

Divided We Fall - Early Access

This is a game that’s just hit Early Access this week – DWF is a squad-based game that’s focused purely on Multiplayer. Everyone controls a squad of 4 men, and you can either compete in one-on-one matches, or in great battles of up to 30 players (for 120 soldiers). So far it seems infantry only tactics, and there’s a pretty snazzy looking battle plan interface to help coordinate teams.

We’ll be checking the game out for ourselves when we can, but in the meantime watch this trailer:

Gempai Kassen - Out Now

Released today, this is a minor DLC add-on for Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun. It features a new dynamic campaign set 300 years before the era of the main game, which featured a great struggle that gave rise to the Shogun as a political and military force.

New factions, new army lists and a new era of fighting breathes some extra life into Bill’s favourite wargame while we wait for the big expansion in a few months. Hmm... I don’t think Matrix have announced that yet, have they? If anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from me. 

We’re getting Bill to look at Gempai Kassen, so we’ll report back with our findings as soon as he puts his figures down and turns on the computer. 

Pride of Nations Update

This classic AGEOD title from 2013 has also been given a new breath of life in the form of Patch 1.04. It’s a pretty extensive overhaul, which brings the game up to date with the modern iteration of the infamous AGEOD engine.

I’m sure one of these days they’ll learn how create a UI that doesn’t require a degree to decipher, but in the meantime enjoy the new update. You can read the patch-notes here

Keep an eye out for our impressions from the Wars of Succession Beta, AGEOD's newest game, when that starts.

Kings of War: Historical Released

Rounding this off with some tabletop news, Mantic Games have started selling their ‘Historical’ supplement for their flagship miniature line, Kings of War. Because who wants to be a fantasy King when you can be a REAL King! According to Historians! Who are sometimes wrong!

For £19.99, you get:

  • The core Kings of War rules.
  • 30 new lists for historical armies from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages. Use a combination of a master list, themes and mercenary units to build your army.
  • Veteran abilities to create unique units and represent elite fighters.
  • New rules and scenarios.
  • Add mythical units to recreate legends (or make new ones).
  • Play your historical army against Kings of War fantasy armies!

We’ll try and get a hold of a copy so we can give you some analysis, but if you do check it out before that do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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