Do not be afraid of Command: Modern Operations

By Ian Boudreau 22 Jun 2020 5

I never got around to playing CMANO, for the same reasons that I've been hesitant to toe the waters of its new incarnation, Command: Modern Operations. First, it's usually a fairly expensive game; and second—well, just look at it. It's an unfriendly-looking piece of software for anyone who isn't already deeply immersed in military sims and fleet command-style games. So many drop-down menus, sub menus, myriad windows and task panels, and so much information on such a huge scale.

Thanks to a sale, however, I decided that first reason was no longer a barrier to entry, and I'm here today to tell you that CMO isn't nearly as daunting as I thought it was going to be. Coming at it as a complete neophyte, I've found that CMO does a fairly admirable job of introducing its seemingly infinite forest of options, hotkey combinations, and information.

command modern operations tutorials

This is mainly down to an excellent suite of tutorial scenarios that are available with the base game. I haven't made it through all of them, but each one I've tried so far has been a digestible new chunk of information that, taken together, have made me fairly confident about creating, assigning, and launching air missions. As is ever the case, just being made to repeat a few simple tasks (turning on radars, pulling up the list of aircraft housed at a particular base, placing reference points) a few times has let me take on more complex ideas and engage with the meat of the game much faster than if I had tried to internalise a few chapters of the 208-page manual on my own. Within an hour, I was running refueling missions and weighing the relative advantages of different AAM varieties.

I'm definitely not at the point yet where I can offer much in the way of advice or strategic tips, but I would highly recommend Bruce's CMO review, which provides a good rundown of what's new from someone who's very familiar with the system. You can still get a 30% discount on CMO by using a coupon code I noticed last week (it's the reason I now own the game). That sale lasts until Thursday.



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