Don't mention the war: New trailer for Hearts of Iron IV shows the fall of Britain

By Owen Faraday 10 Aug 2015 0

More tea, vicar?

Strategy gamer hearts around the world were aflame for Paradox's revelation of new sci-fi franchise Stellaris last week, but Sweden's finest made sure that faithful old Hearts of Iron didn't get left out of the lovefest. 

It may not be the hot new thing anymore, but Paradox's new trailer for HoI IV shows off one sexy game -- even the oldest, saltiest grognard might play it with the NATO counters off just once to see the 3D armies in action in Paradox's lovely Clausewitz engine. The new video is styled as a documentary caught in media res, picking up after the fall of France as Germany embarks upon an invasion of Britain. You can tell this is a fanciful alternate history because it mentions "good weather" in England.

Hearts of Iron IV is due out in 2016, and Paradox have promised much improved AI (always a franchise Achilles' heel) and the widest-open sandbox Paradox have made yet. Check out the new video below.

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