Eggs-emplary: The trailer for Conflicks must be seen to be believed

By Owen Faraday 11 Aug 2015 0

Usually on The Wargamer, the words "alternate history" mean a Nazi invasion of Great Britain, or an Allied beach landing on Honshu in 1946. But not today. Today it means a 18th-century wars fought between star-faring Europeans powered by alchemically enhanced chicken farms. It's not within my power to make the trailers below legally mandated viewing, but oh how I wish that it were.

Conflicks is the new game from Montreal's Artiface Studio. These fellows were responsible for an action/strategy game about werewolf hunting called Sang-Froid, an almost indescribably unique hybrid of genres that didn't get anywhere near as much attention as it deserved back in 2013. Their sophomore effort is Conflicks -- the pun in the title comes from the control scheme, which has you flicking your ships around the battlespace in an almost Angry Birds-esque physics game. Don't be alarmed by that -- there's some deeply thoughtful combat mechanics on show in the gameplay trailers, which offers the hope that this will be an RTS that is as cerebral as its setting is hilarious. Conflicks has a Steam page up already and it's due to release for PC on 20 August.

Even if you don't like RTS games, you simply have to watch the story trailer below, which is the best game teaser I've seen in 2015, bar none. Below that I've got a gameplay trailer that delves into the strategy of playing as Great-er Britain -- there's several more on Artiface's YouTube channel if that one whets your appetite.





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