Emergency Dispatch - FOG Unity is a bit broken

By Joe Robinson 15 Jul 2016 0

Last week Field of Glory was re-released in the Unity engine to usher in the new era. It was meant to breath new life into a seven-year old game and allow a new wave of add-ons, the first two of which were released at the same time.

Unfortunately things haven't gone according to plan.

The new version, it seems, has a lot of things wrong with it – bugs, more bugs design quirks, bugs... You can head over to the Slitherine forums for a more comprehensive breakdown, but it's not looking good.

The original developer moved-on, leaving no room for expansions and no way for Slitherine to modify the old code. Newrosoft had to re-write everything from scratch. To save previous owners from re-buying the game and its eight add-ons, the new base game and all expansions could be downloaded for free using registered serial numbers. To sweeten the deal, two new half-priced DLCs, Oath of Fealty and Wolves from the Sea, were also released exclusively for the Unity version. The twenty-three new scenarios brought the total number of battles to a whopping 186.


We've had James trying out the update this past week, and here are some extracts from his impressions (given the state of the new version and Slitherine's response, there didn't seem much point publishing the full article -ED):

The graphics are essentially the same. I’m not a believer in the over-arching importance of eye candy but, if something is supposed to be improved, show me the improvements.

Certain aspects of the UI are better. In the original version, features like fire arcs, map grids and loss percentages were set before starting, making changes in mid-battle difficult. The new version has an on-screen sliding panel allowing for changing preferences during a game. The improved interface makes the preference and control buttons larger and adds a detailed combat prediction box although the “Quit” button shouldn’t be right above “End Turn”. Also more unit information is shown with greater clarity when a unit is selected. Finally, the sequence for ending a turn has been mercifully reduced to one click.

Alas, the gameplay mechanics remain the same. Click to see reachable hexes; broad arrows show paths and targets are designated with little swords for possible melee or small roundels for missile attacks. Combat results show casualties resulting in the degradation from steady to routed. The number of banners on a lance indicates a leaders’ command radii. Maintenance of the status quo is frustrating; even an unbroken wheel can be improved.

The team developing Field of Glory Unity deserves thanks for resurrecting a classic for a new generation of players. The UI is improved and everybody welcomes twenty-three new scenarios and new troop types for the Digital Army Generator. However, steely-eyed fans on the Slitherine forum have spotted large numbers of flaws. Many units seem to act either erratically or not according to the rules imported from the tabletop game set. More importantly, the new scenario editor is not ready yet. New battles cannot be created nor can the hundreds of user-made scenarios can be converted to the new system. This latter point is a deal breaker for some players.

James has been more forgiving than some of the people on the forums, but it's clear the remake isn't really meeting the standards that Matrix & Slitherine hold themselves to. Thankfully, they've already decided to take action.

In an official post to the community, they've gone into a little bit of the background behind the project and decided that they're going to make the original version of FOG available to download and play while these issues get fixed. They're also keeping the original PBEM server open for multiplayer.

As mentioned above, the new DLC's only work with the new version. Slitherine have also said that everyone who bought the two new DLC's will receive up to two $10 coupons (depending on whether you bought one or both of the expansions) to spend on either old-FOG DLC, or other things in the store.

If you are planning on using the old version of FOG again, make sure you follow these steps:

As these are old files you should install in the following order on PC:

• Field of Glory 1.5.0

• All expansions in any order

• Field of Glory patch 1.8.1 must be installed last. If you do things in the wrong order don’t worry. You can just install the patch 1.8.1 again at the end to be safe and this will resolve any issues. As long as the last thing you install is 1.8.1 it will be fine. 

On Mac you just need the 1.8.1 dmg file and you unlock the expansions in game.

We'll keep you updated on the FOG-Unity situation as it develops. On the bright side if this never gets fixed, we've always got Field of Glory 2 to look forward to.

This article covers a game published or developed by the Slitherine Group of companies. Please see our 'About Us' page for more information.



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