Epic AGEOD & 40K Armageddon Bundles Sighted [Updated]

By Joe Robinson 02 Aug 2016 3

UPDATE: Turns out there's more to this than meets the eye. A keen-eyed member of the Wargamer forums spotted that the sales don't stop with AGEOD and Armageddon. A search on 'Slitherine' reveals bundles and discounts on a lot more of their properties, from Star Hammer, to Pike & Shot.


Original Story: One of our intrepid scouts has returned from the wild to inform us that Bundle Stars are running a redonk set of bundles at the moment.

First up, there's the Grand Master bundle, which is basically every AGEOD game ever. Worth £227.63 in total, you can pay as little as £1.89 for the Tier 1 products, which includes Alea Jacta Est, Pride of Nations, and then an extra four DLCs for each game (for a combined package of 10 products). At Tier 2, you pay £3.79, and you get to add on Civil War II, Civil War II: The Bloody Road South DLC, Rise of Prussia Gold and Revolution Under Siege Gold. The final tier, which costs £5.29, throws in To End All Wars and it's DLC Breaking the Deadlock, along with Thirty Years' War.

The super-computers hidden in our underground bunker have taken a break from cracking the Enigma code to tell us that, assuming you go in at Tier 3, you're getting a whopping 98% reduction, for a total of 17 items redeemable on Steam (as far as we can tell). If you're not sure about it, take your time - deal doesn't end for another nine days.

The second bundle is not as ridiculous, but no less impressive. Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon and all 6 of its DLCs (one of which is a soundtrack) is available for £15.39, which represents a saving of 70% off the RRP. You need to be quick with this one though, as at the time of writing the deal is set to end in roughly 38 hours. Armageddon's stand-alone expansion - Da Orks! - is due out on August 18th, so keep an eye out for our review closer to the time.

Slitherine/Matrix also announced Sanctus Reach today, a brand new Warhammer 40K game using the company's new 'Archon 3D' engine.

I don't know about you, but I might just jump on some of these deals myself. Happy gaming!

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