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By Bill Gray 03 Jun 2019 2

Field of Glory II (FOG2) is a direct port of the popular ancients and medieval miniature wargaming rules to the PC, and probably the best ever done with any game. Like the mini rules and their army lists companion books, supporting DLCs directly based on these pubs are now available to expand the temporal and geographic scope of the base software.

The base FOG2 software actually includes a digital Rise of Rome Companion Guide. It covers everything between Britannia and India from 275 thru 25 BC, to include Hannibal, Scipio, the wars of Carthage and Republican Rome, all backed by 48 factions divided into 75 army lists with 86 troop types. The four included campaigns are Hannibal, Mithridates of Pontus, Julius Caesar and Pyrrhos of Epeiros and the historical battles list Bagradas 255 BC, Trebia 218 BC, Cannae 216 BC, Ilipa 206 BC, Zama 202 BC, Magnesia 190 BC, Pydna 168 BC, Chaironeia 86 BC, Tigranocerta 69 BC, Bibracte 58 BC, Carrhae 53 BC and Thapsus 46 BC. 

So, with a combined 281 army lists, here’s a look at the game's current DLCs:

IMMORTAL FIRE ($14.99) (Review)

FOG2 Immortal Fire DLC


  • Primary Era and Region – rise of the Phalanx, Persian Wars, Alexander the Great and his Successors in Greece, North Africa and Asia Minor.
  • New Factions - Achaemenid Persians, Etruscans, Antigonos, Lysimachos, Spartans, Latins, Lydians, Kyrenean Greeks, Thessalian Greeks.
  • Army Lists – 30 additional with 10 new unit types such as Macedonian Promodroi and Persian Immortals.
  • Historical Campaigns -Xenophon, Philip of Macedon, Seleukos I Nikator, Seven Hills of Rome. 
  • Historical Battles - Thymbra 547 BC, Marathon 490 BC, Plataea 479 BC, Cunaxa 401 BC, Chaironeia 338 BC, Granikos 334 BC, Issos 333 BC, Gaugamela 331 BC, Hydaspes 326 BC, Raphia 217 BC.
  • Game Changers – Roman auto deployment areas widened for large battles, bows on higher ground now shoot over friendly units, close order Warbands no longer receive +1 Cohesion Test modifier for being heavy infantry.

It’s worth your shekels . . . If you are a fan of one of the greatest military commanders in history, Alexander the Great, with infantry heavy Greek Phalanxes transitioning to the combined arms warfare of the Macedonian army at the pinnacle of conquest. This makes the DLC popular with gamers who enjoy a variety in the types of armies they can command, especially those curious as to what really would have happened if Legion met Alexander in combat. Besides, the sight of a Macedonian Phalanx with its 25-foot Sarissas is drop dead awe inspiring, especially as your pike pinned opponent gets hit in the flank and rear by Companion heavy horse

LEGIONS TRIUMPHANT ($14.99) (Review)

FOG2 Legions Triumphant DLC


  • Primary Era and Region –the rise and expansion of the Roman Empire from Caesar Augustus until 476 AD when the last Western Emperor was booted by barbarian mercenaries, fighting on real estate pretty much everywhere in Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa.
  • New Factions -Alans, Anglo-Saxons, Caledonians, Goths, Hephthalites, Huns, Palmyrans, Picts, Romano-British and Sassanid Persians.
  • Army Lists – 22 additional army lists with 17 new troop types such as Roman Legio Palatina, Legio Comitatensis, Auxilia Palatina, Limitanei and so on.
  • Historical Campaigns - Third Century Crisis, King of Kings (Sassanid Persia), Stilicho and Empire of the Huns.
  • Historical Battles - Watling Street 61 AD, Adamclisi 102 AD, Hormozdgan 224 AD, Emesa 272 AD, Argentoratum 357 AD, Maranga 363 AD, Adrianople 378 AD, Frigidus 394 AD, Chalons 451 AD, Nedao 454 AD. 
  • Game Changers – Ability to fight on after losing a battle, evaders now suffer losses even if they outrun their pursuers, chargers now follow normal pursuit rules if their adversaries break on contact (infantry will not pursue horse, etc).

It’s worth your shekels . . . If you like; no, wait. Seriously? You’re kidding, right? This is Imperial Rome, arguably the deadliest army in history, the proverbial 800 lb gorilla with a really nasty attitude of the ancient world, at the absolute height of its power to boot. The army is infantry heavy, shock oriented but possesses through the roof high quality everything. Its an army that historically won even with the dumbest of commanders because it was simply that good. What’s not to like?

AGE OF BELISARIUS ($14.99) (Review)

FOG2 Age of Belisarius DLC


  • Primary Era and Region – the rise of the Byzantines and the reconquest of the Roman Empire 476 – 600 AD, covering former Imperial territory in Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor.
  • New Factions -Avars, Byzantines, Franks, Gepids, Lombards, Ostrogoths, Slavs, Turks, Vandals, Visigoths, Welsh.
  • Army Lists – 29 extra army lists with 17 new troop types to include Byzantine everything.
  • Historical Campaigns –Belisarius, Clovis I of the Franks, King of Kings 2 (Sassanid Persia) and Rise of the Avars.
  • Historical Battles -  Dara 530 AD, Tricamarum 533 AD, Taginae 552 AD, The Volturnus 554 AD, Bukhara 557 AD, Raith 596 AD.
  • Game Changers – Light cavalry and infantry now more likely to evade from melee even if they have a missile advantage, a lot of changes to reflect the unique fighting capabilities of the early Byzantine military to include deep infantry units forming square, maximum armor advantage vs foot increased to + 100 POA, armored cavalry given + 12 % casualty mitigation against missile fire, some mounted troops may now dismount as their infantry equivalents and more.

It’s worth your shekels . . . If you want to run the proverbial Rolls Royce of ancient armies, the Byzantines under Generals Belisarius and Narses. Armies become exquisitely balanced, fielding more and heavier cavalry but with less shock infantry in particular. Many units, however, have multiple capabilities such as Byzantine Kataphraktoi armed with both bow and lance. Thus, missile fire becomes more important. Armies are smaller but far more flexible. It all makes the DLC a must for players who enjoy quickly adapting to changing battlefield situations.

RISE OF PERSIA ($14.99) (Review)

FOG2 Rise of Persia DLC


  • Primary Era or Region – Fall of Assyria and Babylon, the rise of Achaemenid Persia under Cyrus the Great, covering Eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor plus.
  • New Factions -Assyrians, Babylonians, Cimmerians, Cypriots, Egyptians, Elamites, Hebrews, Kushites, Mannaeans, Medes, Phoenicians, Urartians (like I said, look them up).
  • Army Lists – 21 new army lists with 32 new troop types such as Assyrian Heavy Chariots and Mede Spearman.
  • Historical Campaigns -Ashurbanipal (Neo-Assyrian Empire), Fall of Assyria, Nebuchadnezzar II (Neo-Babylonian Empire), Rise of Persia.
  • Historical Battles -Ulai 653 BC (Assyrians vs Elamites), Nineveh 612 BC (Babylonians and Medes vs Assyrians), Megiddo 609 BC (Judeans vs Egyptians), Carchemish 605 BC (Babylonians vs Egyptians), Pasargadae 550 BC (Persians vs Medes), Opis 539 BC (Persians vs Babylonians).
  • Game Changers – There are new mixed units with front rank heavy spearmen and second rank archer, heavy weapons + 100 POA against both mounted and foot troops, units with 50% heavy weapons or spears now melee at full effect, shock troops with missiles no longer default to shooting vice charging, AI infantry less likely to charge cavalry, AI infantry now moves early to keep up with cavalry.

It’s worth your shekels . . . If you like very colorful armies, exotic units like camels and chariots, and lots and lots of firepower, this archer heavy DLC is for you. Melee specific troops are very few, so you will have to learn how to out maneuver and shoot your opponent to death. This makes this DLC radically unique when compared to the others and the toughest of the four to master IMHO. It’s a real struggle not to succumb to the traditional wisdom of closing with the enemy and lopping heads. But try this, and you will lose.

WOLVES AT THE GATES ($14.99) (Review)

field of glory 2 wolves at the gate 003


  • Primary Era or Region – The 'Dark Ages' through to 1040 BC, covering everything from the Viking invasions of Britain, the struggles of Byzantium and the appearance of the Magyars in Europe.
  • New Factions - Andalusians, Bulgars, Croatians, Dailami, Fatimids, French, Ghaznavids, Khazars, Khorasanians, Magyars, Moravians, Navarrese, Normans, Pechenegs, Polish, Rus, Scots, Serbians, Vikings.
  • Army Lists – 76 new lists with 55 new units, with examples including three different Anglo-Saxon lists, an Anglo-Danish list; Magyars, Germans and and several Indian-themed lists.
  • Historical Campaigns - Arab Conquest, Basil II (Byzantine Resurgence), Charlemagne, Mahmud of Ghazni, and two Wolves from the Sea campaigns.
  • Historical Battles - Yarmouk 636 AD (Byzantines vs Arabs), Ashdown 871 AD (Anglo-Saxons vs Vikings), Lechfeld 955 AD (East Franks vs Magyars), Apamea 998 AD (Byzantines vs Fatimid Egyptians), Chach 1001 AD (Indians vs Ghaznavids), Clontarf 1018 AD (Irish and Vikings vs Vikings and Irish).
  • Game Changers – The free update comes with a new 'Allied' feature allowing you to mix units from a couple of different lists, no matter how crazy. This brings the theoretical number of Army lists to over 700, if you're crazy enough to try them all.

It’s worth your shekels . . . If you like chaos. This period provides a lot of contrast depending on which army and which era you choose to fight in. In general, the discipline of the ancient world's professional armies is collapsing, leaving a lot of lightly armoured and poorly trained warrior-armies in its wake. From the shores of Britain to the sands of Anatolia, new players are emerging on stage that will shape the world as we know it today. Expect high attrition and lots of breaking units with these new eclectic lists and units.

FOG2 Rise of Rome 03


Well no, I don’t have the Slitherine/Matrix corporate offices wire tapped. Yet. But given the assumption that future FOG2 DLCs are forthcoming and they are likely duplicative of each related miniature rules Companion Book, here is what you might expect to see in the future competing for your hard-earned coin:

Swifter than Eagles – 48 army lists covering Old Testament, Biblical Warfare with such forces as Sea Peoples, Sumerian, Old Kingdom Egypt, the list overlaps with the FOG2 Rise of Persia DLC.

Swords & Scimitars – the Crusades in the Outremer, 11th thru 13th Century AD, some 20 army lists covering the usual suspects plus more exotic fare such as Komnenan Byzantine.

Oath of Fealty – Europe at war during the Dark Ages (outside the Christian – Islam spat in the Middle East during the Crusades), 56 army lists ranging from Feudal Catalan and Crown of Aragon to Middle Plantagenet English.

Eternal Empire – covering the armies and rise of the Ottoman Empire 1299 – 1500, its enemies and allies, 17 army lists to include the legions of the Porte, Hussites, Teutonic Knights and more.

Storm of Arrows – the armies of Western Europe 1300 – 1500, with 26 army lists to include pike toting Swiss, Burgundian Ordonnance, Joan of Arc and all that other chivalry stuff.

Blood & Gold – a book of 27 army lists covering warfare in North, Central and South America prior to the arrival of Europeans, including Aztecs, Mayans, Incans, Forest Tribes and other friendly, war painted folk.

Empires of the Dragon – covering ancient and medieval warfare in the Far East to include China, Japan, Korea, Hindu Kingdoms, Khmer, Tibet, Sun Tzu for a total of 38 army lists. As a bonus, Matt Damon is present to command the Great Wall.

Lost Scrolls – a catch-all book of 42 miscellaneous army lists not captured elsewhere in the series, all eras, including Beja and Tuareg hordes to Vietnamese and German City League armies.

In addition, the miniature Field of Glory family also includes a complete Renaissance and Napoleonic series, so might we see digital versions somewhere on the horizon? Well, let’s just say I’ve opened a special savings account just in case. Life is good.



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