Slitherine reveal new Field of Glory II: Medieval details in live stream

By Joe Robinson 12 Nov 2020 0

Slitherine have just kicked off a live stream where they will be showing off some more Field of Glory 2: Medieval gameplay, as well as talking to Byzantium Studios’ head and Field of Glory creator Richard Bodley-Scott who also created the original table-top game of the same name.

To get things started, Richard is going to answer a series of questions from the community (even Bill through in some queries). We’re not going to spoil everything by posting the full transcript, but there are some choice bits worth sharing with regards to game specifics.

For example, when answering a question on why Field of Glory II: Medieval is a standalone game, here are some topline highlights in terms of what new features are coming:

  • Historical banners for each nation.
  • Defensive Battle and Siege Relief scenarios.
  • Field Fortifications in Custom and Campaign scenarios.
  • Frozen (Snowy) terrain style.
  • Many more strategic decisions and scenario setups in Campaigns.
  • Various Improvements to the Scenario Editor.

And here is the full list of the twelve Epic Battles that are coming to the game (all designed by Paul Adaway):

  • Hastings 1066 is between Normans and Anglo-Saxons.
  • Tinchebrai 1106 is between Normans and Anglo-Normans.
  • Trutina 1110 is between Bohemians and Poles.
  • Crug Mawr 1136 is between Welsh and Anglo-Normans.
  • The Battle of the Standard 1138 is between Scots and Anglo-Normans.
  • Steppes 1213 is between Brabançon and Liégeois factions in the Low Countries.
  • Bouvines 1214 is between the French and the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Otepää 1217 is between the Livonian Sword Brethren and an Estonian/Russian alliance
  • Kalka River 1223 is between Russians and Mongols.
  • Bornhöved 1227 is between Germans and Danes.
  • Lake Peipus 1242 is between the Teutonic Knights and the Russians.
  • Kressenbrunn 1260 is between Hungarians and Bohemians.

We’ll leave the meat of the interview for Slitherine’s stream, however. If you don’t manage to catch it the first time around, they usually post up an archive video not long after their events. We also have the transcript. After the interview, Richard Yorke will be showing off one of the historical battles.

Slitherine were also kind enough to share some brand new screenshots with us, one of which is in the header but for for those who are interested, here are a few more:

field of glory 2 medieval gameplay 2

field of glory 2 medieval gameplay 5

field of glory 2 medieval gameplay 1

field of glory 2 medieval gameplay 3

field of glory 2 medieval gameplay 4

At the time of writing, Field of Glory 2: Medieval doesn’t have a release date. We’d be surprised if they try and rush this one out before Christmas, but it really depends when the beta starts and how much is left to do. January/February 2021 would be our bet, assuming nothing goes wrong.

The live stream is due to end at 8pm GMT.



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