Field of Glory 2: Medieval has been announced

By Joe Robinson 16 Oct 2020 5

There was a big information dump last night from Slitherine and Matrix Games - lots to unpick which we’ll circle back to - but the biggest announcement of the night has to be the reveal of a new Field of Glory game.

Field of Glory II: Medieval takes place in the high middle ages, from 1040 through to 1270 AD (although, amusingly, if this was the table-top world that would all still be classed as ‘ancients’) and will cover everything from the Battle of Hastings to the Mongol invasions.

The material released so far is a bit vague either way, but this seems like it might be a stand-alone release and not an expansion for FOG2 itself. We had wondered what the team at Byzantium games were up to, since there hasn’t been any new content for the ancients version of the game since Wolves at the Gate in May 2019.

Interestingly enough, if you look at our Field of Glory 2 DLC guide Bill goes into some theories as to what future DLC could be based on what book supplements were published for the Field of Glory tabletop game. Judging by what’s left on the list, it all pretty much takes place post 1000 AD, so we imagine it’s all going to get swept into Field of Glory II: Medieval.

There’s nothing much else to say about the game at this point. It’s still Richard Bodley Scott and Byzantium Games at the helm, so it’ll still be their unique vision of hardcore tactical wargames. There's plenty of details available though as to what we'll be getting in the base game:

  • 29 nations with 57 army lists
  • Over 100 units
  • Four historical campaigns and a sandbox-style campaign
  • Six difficulty levels
  • Singleplayer & multiplayer modes
  • Customs battles & more

The four historically-based campaigns cover major conflicts from the time period: The Angevin Empire, The Northern Crusades, Alexander Nevsky and the Mongol Invasions. There is also a sandbox campaign system that allows you to lead any nation (and their historical allies) against any other nation (and their allies).

Field of Glory II: Medieval currently has a Q1 2021 release date, but beta sign-ups are open now. You can check out the Steam page and the Slitherine store page.



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