Field of Glory: Empires Announced by Slitherine/Matrix Games

By Joe Robinson 19 Nov 2018 4

Slitherine have been teasing a new game announcement all weekend, and we finally know what it is – Field of Glory: Empires. This is a grand-strategy game set during the early days of the Roman Republic, from about 310 BC to 190 AD.

It’s being developed by AGEOD on Slitherine’s new Archon engine, which is great because I swear to god if we had to suffer through one more game on that AGEOD engine… what? Oh right – Empires. It seems less focused on the military side of things as past AGEOD games and could easily represent a cross between the recently announced Imperator: Rome grand-strategy game from Paradox, and Creative Assembly’s own Total War: Rome 2.


Indeed, one of the selling points seems to be a deeper involvement in the battles that take place during a game – an early screenshot shows a rudimentary and separate tactical sub-game which pulls assets from Field of Glory 2. On top of that, you can apparently export battle data from Empires directly into FOG2 to fight the chosen battle out in full!

"...with over 450 custom units and more than one thousand rulers and generals, every battle won’t be the same. Army composition and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each army is key and decisive elements to win.

Battles have an unparalleled level of detail. When the time comes to lay down the plow and draw the sword, players lead their armies as true generals on the battlefield. Field of Glory: Empires lets export and load each battles into award-winning tactical wargame Field of Glory II and fight the battle in even greater detail."

The campaign map features of 1,000 regions, stretching from Scotland to the north, to the Indus Valley in the south-east. The map seems to show only major players only, with plenty of ‘minor’, possibly even empty? Provinces separating the bigger nations from each other.


Grand strategy at this level is kind of new territory for AGEOD and Slitherine, although you could easily argue some past AGEOD games like Pride of Nations are grand-strategy war games similar to Hearts of Iron. Still, there is a greater emphasis on politics, culture and development, bringing it inline with the current mainstream norms in this genre. We'll bring you more information on this game as it comes out.

Field of Glory: Empires is due out on PC in 2019. You can check more out on the Stream below.



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