Field of Glory II: Legions Triumphant Announced

By Joe Robinson 09 Feb 2018 0

Matrix Games have revealed the next DLC for their excellent turn-based ancients wargame, Field of Glory II.


Legions Triumphant follows the development of the Roman Imperial Army, covering campaigns like the final conquests of Britain, Germany and Dacia, as well as the disintegration of the later Western Empire.
Like Immortal Fire before it, it will bring a modest range of news features and units, including:

  • 10 new factions in the form of: Alans, Anglo-Saxons, Caledonians, Goths, Hephthalites, Huns, Palmyrans, Picts, Romano-British and Sassanid Persians.
  • 17 new units and 22 new army lists.
  • Four historically-based campaigns.
  • Expanded Sandbox Campaign & Custom Battles

There will also be a free patch that will accompany the DLC, which will include the following improvements:

  • Ability to fight on after a lost battle.
  • Maximum number of battles in sandbox campaigns increased, with more decision points and new possible decisions and events.
  • Additional enemies in sandbox campaigns. You will need to fend off attacks by other enemies as well as advancing the campaign against your primary opponent.
  • Units not only increase in quality following victories, but will upgrade to higher quality unit types when they reach the required quality. (e.g. Raw Pikemen > Pikemen > Veteran Pikemen).
  • Anachronistic what if campaigns – by turning off the date and geographical filters you can set up sandbox campaigns between any two nations covered by the game from 550 BC to 476 AD. Additional enemies in the campaign will fit the date of the main enemy – so that it will be as if your army had been transported in time to a new era.
  • Improved AI.
  • Evaders may suffer casualties even if they escape their pursuers.
  • Chargers will now follow normal pursuit rules if their opponents break on contact. i.e. Infantry (apart from warbands and raw troops) will not pursue.

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