Table-top Field of Glory gets a new Army Lists book

By Joe Robinson 03 Apr 2018 0

Partizan Press and Caliver Books (by way of Slitherine) have today released a new army list book for the 3rd edition of popular table-top historical miniatures game Field of Glory, which was released last September.

Field of Glory’s 3rd edition is pretty good, as Bill can tell you in his review.

Army Lists – Book 2 (2nd Edition) was written by former Wargamer Editor Nik Gaukroger and FoG legend Terry Shaw, covering armies from “Imperial Rome to the Later Dark Ages”. To avoid confusion, this is the second edition of the book in question, but it is most definitely for the third edition of the table-top game. Don't worry, I checked.

This book doesn’t just focus on European forces either: Seljuk Turks, Three Kingdoms China and even Classical & Post-Classical Mayan factions are but some of the armies to feature in this globe-spanning tome.

For reference, here is the full table of contents so you can see what lists are featured:


Field of Glory Army Lists – Book 2 (2nd Edition) runs at 152 pages, and retails for £25.00. You can purchase it from Caliver’s official websiteISBN: 978-1-85818-746-4.



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