First DLC for Galactic Civilizations III brings Dread Lords, space monsters -- and 3D printable ships

By Owen Faraday 12 Aug 2015 0


Last night Stardock released the first DLC for Galactic Civilizations III. Mega Events probably isn't the zippiest title of the year, but the expansion does what it says on the tin. Players can expect visits to their interstellar empires from roaming space monsters, peace-keeping androids sent back from the future to defuse wars, and everyone's favourite alien Rastafarians: the Dread Lords, whose company we haven't enjoyed since Gal Civ II.

One feature I'm really looking forward to seeing in action is something called The Artifact -- it will randomly appear in some games like a 2001 monolith, raising the last-place empire into godhood if it isn't stopped. Sounds like an interesting way of spicing up a game where you're steamrolling the AI.

Maybe the most noteworthy aspect of the version 1.2 patch released to coincide with the Mega Events update is the addition of 3D printing support. One of the big back-of-the-box features for Gal Civ III is its intricate ship editor which is capable of realizing big, elaborate designs. The new update adds support for 3D printing your feats of space-naval architecture -- you can either print off with your home 3D printer (you lucky sod) or connect to the Sculpeo service.

The Mega Events DLC is available for $5, and you can find the full patch notes for the 1.2 update here.



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