Flashpoint Campaigns - Southern Storm was announced while no-one was looking

By Joe Robinson 06 Jan 2020 3

Flashpoint Campaigns is considered one of the touchstones of modern/cold war era war games. Red Storm, released back in 2013 is still considered a favourite amongst grogs who enjoy this topic, so much so it’s on our list of the best modern war games available.

It seems the developer, On Target Simulations, is developing on a sequel of sorts. They’ve actually been working on a new engine since 2015, which they’re calling the ‘Cold War’ engine. It’s going to be their new framework for any game the studio make that covers conflict in the post-WW2 era (till about 1990). The first project to be released with this new tech is going to be Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm.

Here’s an official blurb that summarizes the new game:

This will be Cold War 1980s in Southern Germany and will include the US, USSR, West-German, British, French, East-German, Czechoslovakian, and Canadian forces. Players will fight battles and campaigns over 40 different maps with a wide array of Cold War equipment from the eight nations. That equipment included aircraft, helicopters, tanks, IFVs, APCs, mobile and fixed SAMs, self-propelled and towed artillery and rocket launchers, command vehicle, recon vehicles, many flavors of infantry, and others.

They’ve not got much to share in terms of actual details beyond this, however they have posted a quick look on some of the UI changes. Here’s one screen with some highlights:

flashpoint campaigns southern storm UI changes

Just in case you're confused by the legend, 'speed' refers to quick-menu items in this instance, not literal game speed controls.

A beta test is due to start sometime within the next month or two, along with further information as to what’s coming in Southern Storm. We’re not sure if they’ve partnered with Matrix Games on this one, although the team is still quite active on the Matrix forums, where the majority of their community resides.



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