For Liberty - Part II

By Scott Parrino 17 Oct 2006 0

The AAR (continued)

When the setup phase is finished, the enemy forces appear on the map. They chose to employ the swamp as part of their right flank defense, with the guns placed in the middle of the formation and a group of 160 cavalry kept back for counterattack. Obviously the enemy is heavily outnumbered and has no chance against our forces. War is hell ? ESPECIALLY if you?re in the side that is hopelessly outnumbered.

Our guns immediately open fire and concentrate on the British gun battery. Their elevated position on the hill allows them to fire right over the head of the enemy infantry placed ahead and to the side of the enemy guns.

Due to the fire concentration one gun is taken out after the combined barrage of our two batteries even despite the distance. Meanwhile, the infantry is ordered to move out. Two lines of two units each are formed in the hope to present multiple targets to the enemy artillery and infantry. In the next move the militia units will move forward as well and join up (adjacent friendly units fight with improved morale), but the initial push is split in this way on purpose. The second North Carolina Regt. Received 4 losses from cannon fire, proving the point of advancing in dispersed skirmish formation.

The militia units join up and General Greene follows his troops, rallying them and improving morale.

The Light Dragoons are ordered (also in skirmish formation to reduce the effectiveness of incoming artillery fire) to use their mobility to the fullest and outflank the enemy down the extreme left flank. Their targets are the enemy guns ? neutralizing those will neutralize the only means of the British to inflict heavy losses on our infantry while it?s closing into firing and melee range. And once it gets that close the sheer numbers will no doubt overwhelm the defenders.

As if to prove the point, during the enemy turn the British guns take out another 6 infantrymen from the 2nd NC Regiment. But of course that?s not enough to stop our advance, and in the next turn, the 4th NC closed into firing range on the enemy cavalry has been moved forward in the meantime.

The British Legion Cavalry is suffering4 losses immediately from the combined fire of the 4th and the 1st NC Regiments.

During the same turn, the militia units close in and join up on the right flank of the infantry line, while the 3rd and 2nd NC reform into line formation to maximize their effectiveness while firing, and advance head on against the British riders, opening fire as soon as within range.

The rifle fire shows good results and costs the British Legion Cavalry another ten casualties!



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